Duke University Photowalk – Carnivorous Plants, Human Brains and Canine Science

Duke University Greenhouse

My hubby and I partook on a super duper interesting photowalk in Duke University in Durham, North Carolina.

The photowalk consisted of four locations: the greenhouse with a live specimen collection, the Canine Cognitive Center, the French Family Science Center, and finally, human brain interaction at the science center. 

The Greenhouse: Live Specimen Collection

This was probably my favorite part of the photowalk. It was an amazing greenhouse with different kinds of carnivorous plants, amongst other fascinating plants.

Carnivorous plant

Canine Cognition Center

Over here, researchers study the psychology of dogs with problem solving games, toys and treats.

French Family Science Center

The French Family Science Center provides for Duke University Arts & Sciences state-of-the-art research laboratories for chemistry and biology, as well as several laboratories for related physics research.

French Family Science Center, Duke University source

Creature from the Chem Lab
Chem Lab Demonstration: Extracting the iron from a dollar bill

Playing with Human Brains

This was hubby’s favorite part of the photowalk, naturally. He definitely took part in holding a human brain. I, on the other hand, decided someone had to take pictures.

Half of Human Brain

Spinal Cord

Human Spinal Cord and Cerebellums
So, have you ever held a human brain?

3 thoughts on “Duke University Photowalk – Carnivorous Plants, Human Brains and Canine Science

  1. This is so my thing! It’s looks really interesting, I wanna go haha. I’ve never held a human brain, but I did hold a sheep’s heart in biology when I went to school.


  2. I love your pictures of the carnivorous plants ! Awesome !


    1. Thank you! They were pretty awesome to look at.


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