Rainier Days In The Park


Rainier Days In The Park is an annual event happening in Rainier, Oregon. It’s a 4 day event featuring fireworks, food, games, music and more.

Since we live in a town nearby, we decided to stop by.

This carnival was so much different than the one we visited in Portland about a month ago. The idea was pretty much the same, yet the atmosphere and the people were drastically different in spite of them both being in Oregon and about 40 miles from each other. 

The vast difference lies in the fact that Portland is a big city, and Rainier is more like the country. The population difference is about 600,000 people. Yet, both festivals were full of people and I can almost say that Rainier felt more crowded.


Our friend had her own booth doing henna tattoos.

rainierdays1 rainierdays2

I couldn’t believe they had a Russian Food truck and they had people in line. I loved visiting Russia, but let’s just say that the food aspect was not my favorite, or even close to it.


On the other hand, bubble tea sounded like a perfect thing to have during this sunny day. I went with lychee mango, two of my favorite flavors.


rainierdays4 rainierdays5

Rainier Days In The Park was certainly an interesting place for people-watching.


This dude, above, we felt kinda lost his way to Portland. He seemed to belong there more with his beard, stylish shoes, and suspenders.

rainierdays7rainierdays10 rainierdays11 rainierdays12 rainierdays13 rainierdays14 rainierdays15 rainierdays16

Good teamwork. I don’t know if they knew each other or not.


(This time, all photos taken by hubby and edited by me)

Have you visited any carnivals lately?

5 thoughts on “Rainier Days In The Park

  1. Yum, bubble tea! I haven’t had one of those in ages. I haven’t been to a carnival in ages either. We used to go to the one at the Evergreen State Fair every Labor Day weekend but I’ve wimped out the past few years. The older I get, the less I like crowds. Ranier looks like a beautiful place for something like that though!


  2. Mani having been just this past week to the Calgary Stampede could hear the noise and smell the foods. Looks like a lovely outing.


  3. We went to the annual bread and honey festival here in Mississauga Toronto last month. It was a lot of fun with a multicultural parade to kick start the event followed by a carnival of sorts with food booths, rides, etc. I love such events:)


    1. Bread and honey, sounds delightful! 🙂


      1. Oh it was 😀 Especially since they were giving away free soft bread topped with deliciously gooey honey


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