We Bought A Sailboat!

we bought a sailboat
Not our boat.

So, yeah… we are officially boat owners. It’s kinda crazy.

Hubby won a bid online for a Jensen 29 Cal Sailboat. Guess for how much? 

$118 USD !

Others like it are going for at least $10,000 dollars. It’s a fixer upper but with good bones. This way we can fix it up to match our needs. It’s a project, it will take some time and money but we are up for the task.

We are excited.

For a long while a couple of years ago we fantasized about sailing the world. We fantasized about having a sailboat and sailing to South America, Europe, and even Australia. My hubby was in the Navy years ago, and ever since, the water remained his home.

Yet, when we finally became owners of a boat, instead of being excited, I freaked out a little.

Bailey the boat cat. Maybe our cats will become boat cats!

It took me a bit (about a week) to get fully on board (not literally, yet!) because whenever an unexpected change is introduced into my life I seem to think of the negatives first. I hate my mind sometimes. I always say I’m a realist but sometimes, I hate to admit, I cross the line to pessimism. But it’s because I get into a flight or fight response. At least, I always end up adjusting to any change pretty well.

It was also because we weren’t really planning on buying a boat. I wasn’t prepared. It kinda just happened overnight, like most of how our lives usually go.

Overnight, I decided to leave my current life and move to a different country.

Overnight, we decided/felt we had to move to India from North Carolina.

Overnight, we decided/felt we had to leave India to Oregon.

Overnight, we got kittens.

Overnight, we own a boat now.

Our boat!

I’m actually more of an air or earth person but my appetite for travel, adventure, wind, and peacefulness make sailing a very appealing idea to me. Plus, I have always enjoyed being on top of water (via waverunners, cruise ships, yachts…) rather than underwater.

And I could probably use a tan. Every time I wear shorts I feel like I should notify the International Air Transport Association so I don’t blind pilots with a white reflection. I’m Hispanic too, so being this white doesn’t suit me.

I love listening to music during the day. Music is a big part of my life, so finding a good marine stereo system for the boat would be a wonderful and fun addition.

There is a catch. The boat is in Maryland and we are in Oregon. It was one of the reasons I was not too excited about the boat at first because after research we found out it would take thousands of dollars to get the boat to Oregon. Eventually, hubby came up with plan B:

The boat stays in Maryland and we have it fixed up there. We already have a professional who will go pick it up and take it to their marina in Maryland to get it fixed as per our instructions. Then, when it’s ready, we are going to fly to Maryland and go sail!

Photo by BasL

The plan right now, which might probably change, is to sail to the Panama canal, stopping at many places along the way including the Caribbean islands and then head up the East Coast towards Oregon.

But who knows really. If we make plans, God will laugh at us. We’re just taking it day by day and we’ll have several months to prepare for this journey.

Speaking of God, this is something that we needed God to be on board (again, not literally), before we proceeded. We are pretty confident He is. It’s hard to explain how we know, but 9 days later from the purchase (on 7/7), we are all officially on board. I think I was the one who needed the most time, apparently it was God’s wish all along.

I have more to tell. We have a story about the boat’s name, but I’ll save it for another post. Stay tuned.

Have you ever gone sailing?

15 thoughts on “We Bought A Sailboat!

  1. That’s amazing, congrats. I love boats – I’m sure you’ll have a ‘whale’ of a time!


  2. All those overnight decisions must equal an adventurous and fully lived life:). Congratulations on the boat! The only memories I have of a sailing boat is my inability to tell the difference between the port side and the starboard (was it a different word?!).. oh and yes capsizing too, which was actually fun.


    1. Haha, thanks! I’m glad capsizing can be fun.


  3. Wow nice!!! Congrats to you 🙂


  4. Haha! I have no idea what a boat may cost, but it sounds exciting. Congratulations, new boat owners, and wish you many sailing adventures ahead!


    1. Well, they’re usually not $100, more like $10,000 hehe. Thank you!


  5. $118 sounds amazing! Make sure there aren’t any holes in the bottom of the boat though 😛


    1. Ha! Yes. It was a government deal where they auction items that have been confiscated or from surplus.


  6. Oh my gosh! this is a BIG deal! And a GREAT deal! $118!?!? Congrats and enjoy!


  7. Congrats on the adventure! FYI, you may find some useful info on SailNet.com, supplies from Defender.com (cheaper than West Marine!), and the FB page Sailboat Liveaboards. Boat DIY author Don Casey has an excellent series of books on 12 volt electrical systems, deck repair, etc. You might also like the little ebook “You Gotta Go to Know”, about a couple from Tennessee who sold their house and moved onto a boat. I made a short video of rebuilding my boat and put it on my blog, svKalaNag.com, if you want to see some of what lies ahead for you. The true story “Dove” is a great book about a young man who sailed around the world solo, meeting the love of his life along the way – it’s part coming-of-age, part travelogue, part real romance, part sailor stories. Oh, and don’t forget Good Old Boat magazine / website – lots of great DIY info there. And John Vigor’s book, “Things I Wish I’d Known Before I Started Sailing”. And find The Boat Galley on FB – some good info there, too.
    I’m near Annapolis – in what part of Maryland is your boat?
    Good luck, and see you on the water!


    1. Wow Mik! Thanks for the recommendations! I will look into all of them when I get back home. I will also pass the info to my hubby, thanks again 🙂 also, let me get back to you on where in Maryland is the boat 😉


    2. Hi Mik, I finally passed the message to my husband; we had a busy weekend, and he’s very happy about your recommendations. He would love to ask you a couple questions if you don’t mind. Is there a way he can contact you? Our boat is in Chestertown 🙂


      1. Yes, I’m happy to answer a couple of questions. I don’t want to post my email here, though, so put yours in a comment on any of the posts on my WP blog (MyDrivingThoughts.com) – I have it set to manually approve them before they’re made public, so no one else will see it. Talk to you soon!


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