189 Days Ago I Made Predictions About Our Unpredictable Life, See If They Came True

“The Fortune Teller” Surreal oils on canvas painting of an African fortune teller by Angu Walters

On January 22, 2014, I wrote a post predicting what our lives would look like 189 days later. That would be today.

Our lives are quite unpredictable caused by our surrender to God so I actually had no idea what they would look like but I gave it a go to “predict” some possible scenarios.

My predictions 189 days ago:

I don’t think we will be in this same situation. We won’t be staying in this house anymore.

It could be Portland, or India, or for all I know, Timbuktu. But I don’t predict we will be in Timbuktu.

I will finally have my Permanent U.S. Residence Card (green card).

My hair will be longer. Maybe an inch longer.

The curvature of my neck will be more curve as it supposed to be because I recently started exercises given by my chiropractor.

Possible scenarios I wrote up 189 days ago:

  1. Josh gets some kind of ambassador of India position from the U.S. government and we move to India to help the relationship between these two countries and help India open up to foreign investment as well as help with poverty, disease and over-population. But in this scenario we would still choose to live in our small town in India in our modest house, instead of the big city like Delhi.
  2. Josh gets a call from an interested investor to fund our electric rickshaw project and we move back to India to make this project possible.
  3. We stayed in Portland, have a place of our own and a cat or two and go back to doing volunteer work in the community.
  4. We stayed in Oregon, have a place of our own in the country or the forest a bit far from city civilization to live out our wish of a simple life. Animals definitely involved.
  5. We go visit India to see if our belongings are still there (instead of stolen), sort a few things out, but instead we end up staying for months. (No more than 6 given our visa conditions).

What I got right:

Our situation did change and we did move.

Our current home.
Our current home.

I actually got a notification from USCIS just 6 days ago that I will be receiving my green card in the mail within the next 30 days! This is very exciting because they took forever. You won’t believe it but I started the process in January of 2011. I’ve been meaning to write a post about it.

My hair is longer because I didn’t get a haircut.

I don’t know if the curvature of my neck is better or not, but it does feel better.

Out of the 5 scenarios, number 4 was the closest. We didn’t get a place of our own but we did move to the country with our friends, we also got animals; two kittens.

Other things that happened that I didn’t imagine:

Hubby got an office job in downtown Portland (after working from home for years.)

We didn’t just move to the country, we moved into a historical school.

We kinda went on a little honeymoon trip that we never had.

And the most surprising of all: We bought a sailboat!

Did anything happen in your life recently that you wouldn’t have thought of 6 months ago?


6 thoughts on “189 Days Ago I Made Predictions About Our Unpredictable Life, See If They Came True

  1. This is a great idea! And the picture of your kittens is so cute XD
    Seems like you got a few things right, pretty cool 😛


    1. Yes I did get a few things right! Hehe. It was a fun experiment, I might try it again.


  2. Mani it seems like you were pretty close with number 4. I agree with the other comment those kittens are adorable! No big surprises here six months later. 🙂


  3. haha nice!!! A lot changed…good things 😀 congratulations on the Green Card…if here in Germany these things take a while I imagine that in the US is way worse! The biggest change in my life in the last 6 months was that I started my blog and finally got my scuba diver certification 😀


    1. the scuba thing sounds like fun! I’ve never tried it.


      1. You should, if you like the sea 🙂 its amazing! Just be careful because you can get addicted to it! 🙂


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