Stunning and Charming Hood River, Oregon

hood river oregon2

When we went to The Dalles, Oregon a few weekends ago, we pit stopped twice in Hood River, on our way there and on our way back. It was a very sunny clear weekend. We really had a great feeling about this town, we would love to go back and explore more. 

We enjoyed a quick beer on our first stop and a full meal on the way back.  We also enjoyed the stunning views, crossing the Hood River Bridge, and watching the many many kitesurfers on the water which I couldn’t get on camera.

hood river oregon1

hood river oregon
Big Horse Brew Pub

hood river oregon3

hood river oregon4
The view from Big Horse Brew Pub

hood river oregon5 hood river oregon6 hood river oregon7

On our way back we drove from the Washington side after visiting a few wineries.

washington drive3
Mt. Hood at a distance from the Washington side of the river

washington drive ricerwashington drivewashington drive1 washington drive2washington drive4washington drive5washington drive6washington drive7washington road columbiawashington drive9washington state

We crossed the Hood River Bridge from Washington to Hood River and it was spectacular.

hood river bridgehood river bridge1hood river bridge3hood river bridge4hood river bridge6hood river bridge7hood river bridge8hood river oregon10

Photo from Google
Photo from Google

We had a meal in the outdoor area at the 3 Rivers Grill. It was perfect.

hood river oregon8

I ordered the salmon burger and hubby got the shrimp ceviche.

hood river oregon9

Even though we didn’t spend much time there I definitely recommend a visit. This small town in the heart of the Columbia River Gorge has a lot of charm with tons of restaurants, several museums and historic places, a few annual fests and a great area for windsurfing, kitesurfing and canoeing. Hood River hosted the US Windsurfing National Championships in 2009.

Have you been to Hood River? Do you have any recommendations?

8 thoughts on “Stunning and Charming Hood River, Oregon

  1. Lovely. Feels like a beer already! 🙂


  2. spent many many summers in this area as a kid thanks for sharing it has brought many good memories to mind


    1. Really? Sounds like an amazing place to spend the summer 🙂


  3. What lovely scenery! I’ve never been to Hood River but I’ve always wondered what it’s like there.


  4. It looks very similar to the Canadian Okanogan region in British Columbia.


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