Breathtaking Scenery At The Dalles, Oregon Bridge and Dam

A few weekends ago we drove East of Portland to Hood River and The Dalles. I was super pleasantly surprised about this area. The scenery is breathtaking and not like anything I’ve seen before. I haven’t experienced much desert in my life but The Dalles gave me a “desert” vibe. It is close to the desert area of Oregon after all.

The Dalles is only 1 hour and a half from Portland but is very different in scenery. The soil, the mountains, and the weather are much different. The Dalles gets much less rain and much more sun than wet Portland creating a big difference in the look of the environment.

I’ve never been, but for some reason, it reminded me of New Mexico but with the Pacific Northwest touch. I don’t know how that works, a place reminding you of a place you’ve never been to.

the dalles or bridge

We stayed the night in The Dalles at a wonderful Airbnb, which I highly recommend if you are ever in the area. The hosts were so nice, and the breakfast was out of this world. It included homemade blueberry muffins to die for, and we had their outdoor heated pool and insane jacuzzi all to ourselves.

On our way back after a great night’s sleep, we decided to cross the bridge to Washington, visit a couple wineries, and head back to our current home several miles west of Portland.

It was a good decision. The bridge that connects Oregon and Washington had incredible views of the surrounding scenery and Mt. Hood at a distance.

the dalles or bridge1the dalles or bridge damthe dalles or bridge dam1

We parked at the end of the bridge and walked to the middle of the bridge to see The Dalles Dam a bit more up close.

the dalles or bridge dam6the dalles or bridge dam8the dalles or bridge dam9the dalles or bridge dam7the dalles or bridge dam12the dalles or bridge dam13 me

The Dalles Dam
The Dalles Dam

the dalles or bridge dam10the dalles or bridge dam5the dalles or bridge9the dalles or bridge8the dalles or bridge7

Mt. Hood at a distance
Mt. Hood at a distance

the dalles or bridge6the dalles or bridge4the dalles or bridge dam4the dalles or bridge dam2the dalles or bridge dam3the dalles or bridge dam me

A couple trains went by while we were there and I enjoyed looking at them from above.

the dalles or bridge dam14the dalles or bridge dam15the dalles or bridge dam16the dalles or bridge dam18the dalles or bridge dam19the dalles or bridge dam21the dalles or bridge dam20the dalles or bridge dam mt hood

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5 thoughts on “Breathtaking Scenery At The Dalles, Oregon Bridge and Dam

  1. What a beautiful photo of you on the bridge!


  2. This place is certainly breathtaking! Beautiful captures btw.


    1. Thank you Jackson, it was a very enjoyable roadtrip.


  3. You really seem to capture the ambiance of the place! Love the train shots, they could have been movie stills.


    1. That’s a very cool compliment as I am a big film buff 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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