Mix & Match Kittens 10% Off

You know it was coming… Once I got kittens they were bound to get their own post in my blog. Today I feature them at 10% off when you mix and match.

But there are only two:

Pepe Ochoa; full bodied, earthy, with notes of blackberry and black pepper and a very pleasant finish.

Kitty Purry; medium bodied, buttery with notes of pear and sharp claws and a sweet finish.

kittenskittens1kittens2kittens3kittens4kittens5 kittens6 kittens7

Disclosure: Kitties are not for sale and will not be consumed. Just thought I’d clarify.

Submitted to Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge.

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3 thoughts on “Mix & Match Kittens 10% Off

  1. They look so cute and what fun they are having! Thank you for your lovely entry 🙂


  2. Toooooo cute! We had a house full of cats and kittens when I was growing up but since having my son who is asthmatic we couldn’t keep them. Miss their playfulness and warm body rubs over my legs. Glad to know your kitties won’t be consumed … relief! 🙂


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