Current Observations

Top Of The World! by Taylor Miles

Some time ago I saw this post by Jenay about how she currently sees her life. She was inspired by another’s blogger post who was inspired by another blogger’s list, and so on. Now I have been inspired too, to think about where my life stands according to my mind right now. It’s a good exercise, especially if you don’t think too much about the answers.

I invite you to do it too and share it or keep it to yourself.

Lately I am:

MAKING smoothies and awesome work lunches.
COOKING from scratch mac and cheese.
DRINKING lemon ginger tea and the occasional Starbucks.
READING El Alquimista by Paulo Coehlo
WANTING to fly and a walking-distance-from-my-apartment French bakery.
LOOKING to learn gardening.
PLAYING with my cats.
WASTING … I’m blank on this one!
SEWING nothing. But I actually would like to learn quilting even though I am 25.
WISHING my antenna could get the right channel to watch my football games.
ENJOYING hanging out with hubby in the city.
WAITING for my recent Amazon purchase.
LIKING the weather, clean sheets and Humans of New York.
WONDERING what to cook next week and what natural (or unnatural) disaster is coming next in the world (sorry :s).
LOVING a newly-tried Mexican restaurant and my new hiking boots.
HOPING making decisions will get easier.
MARVELING at my metabolism.
NEEDING a chiropractor visit and reading glasses.
WEARING boots and scarfs.
FOLLOWING my intuition.
NOTICING baby froggies.
KNOWING that I should not worry and be happy.
THINKING about Italy.
BOOKMARKING a ton (recipes, food articles, and read-later stuff).
OPENING packages and mason jars.
GIGGLING at myself.
FEELING thirsty and like I need a stretch. Will satisfy that after I hit publish.

What about you?

2 thoughts on “Current Observations

  1. Mani I love that you are thinking about Italy! That’s really all that has been occupying my mind the past two weeks. 🙂

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