Gone, But Not Forgotten

tulip farm oregon 7
Tulips in the Spring!

We all have things that we reminisce about. We all see and live through things that remain in the back of our minds for a long time. We all have memories. Some of these things can be relived, and some are lost and gone, but not forgotten.

These are some photo examples in my life of things and such that I once had but have not been forgotten for one reason or another:

val disere skiing france4
My old friend and I in Val D’Isere, France.

We used to be best friends, and she was always my craziest friend so you can imagine we lived through so many crazy moments which are now pleasant memories. I haven’t seen her in 5 years but still think about her and our good times like our ski trip to Val D’Isere.

Snowy Hyde Park
Hyde Park, London

My regular walks in Hyde Park are gone but not forgotten. When I lived in London for a year I was lucky enough to live a 5 min walk from this amazing royal park where I would people-watch, enjoy the snow, enjoy the greenery in the spring and fall, relax, read, and get lost. I actually got lost once, the park is that big. I also have the worst sense of direction.

The Carolina Theater, Durham, NC
The Carolina Theater, Durham, NC

The Carolina Theater, Durham, NC is one of my most cherished places when we lived in NC. It’s a wonderful indepedent theater showing the best movies with the best concessions, also hosts a big part of the annual Documentary Film Festival in Durham which we volunteered for 3 years and it was one of the most enjoyable experiences in my life.

filming hyde park london
Filming in Hyde Park

My filmmaking days are also gone, but not necessarily forever. I made a total of 5 short films in London throughout 2 years and it was a really fun experience. I no longer film but I certainly photograph!

Simba and Cubby
Simba and Cubby

Our Simba and Cubby! These were our two wonderful cats when we lived in NC. Simba was the best cat in the world and Cubby was just a cute ball of fur. We had to find them a new home when we had to move to India last year. Their new owners lost touch, so I hope they are still doing well. I’m sure they are. But I certainly miss these two and they are certainly not forgotten.

veritable quandary portland brunch
Portland brunch

The food above is definitely gone; all gone though my mouth and stomach. This place in Portland is my favorite and unforgettable brunch spot and even though that food is gone, I’m happy to know I can always come back for more. :p

The train passing by behind our house in India.
The train passing by behind our house in India.

Our house in India is gone. We had to cancel our lease a couple of months ago as we did not go back in a year and didn’t think we were going back anytime soon. This house is pretty unforgettable as it was quite an experience to live there; I can’t say that I miss it too much. I like my washing and drying machine, I like my privacy, and even though we still have a train pass by it is not as close as the one in India or as frequent or as loud.

Our outdoor wild cat.
Our outdoor wild cat in India.

And our Indian cat. He was a cute but annoying little bugger and I wish him the best.

What is something for you that is gone, but not forgotten?

3 thoughts on “Gone, But Not Forgotten

  1. Lots of wonderful memories Mani! Look at you on the ski hill!


  2. This such a lovely idea to blog about!


  3. What a fun post which was a joy to read! I loved the pics and the narratives which provided a little insight into your life (which I think it’s quite interesting but this must be just the tip of the iceberg!). Here’s my tamer take on the challenge; hope you enjoy 🙂 https://galeweithers.wordpress.com/2014/12/11/gone-but-not-forgotten-a-barbados-historical-landmark/


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