Magical Portland in The Winter

portland night christmas winter

When we first arrived to Oregon last year, we had come from a very long trip from India and we were planning to stay temporarily. Our finances were also pretty tight. This year we find ourselves living in the country about 35 miles from the city of Portland which we have been visiting every weekend for a few weeks.

Portland during the holidays is pretty magical. They have a giant Christmas tree at the heart of Portland, the Pioneer Courthouse Square, they have lights on the trees, people are joyful and out and about and movie theaters are playing old and new Christmas movies.

You can get a glimpse of this magic with the photos below:

portland night shop
Leather goods shop.

portland nightportland night christmas winter1 portland night christmas winter2 portland night christmas winter3 portland night store portland night restaurant portland night hat shop

It’s getting cold! People are stocking up on hats.

portland night shop1

But the cold is not stopping people from visiting Salt & Straw in the photo above, an ice cream shop! One of Portland’s best I must say.

portland night park portland night park1 portland st johns alley portland night courtyard portland night courtyard1 portland st johns night portland st johns dog

I feel like the photo above is very Portland: Dad with baby backpack walking a Husky in the cold.

portland st johns road portland st johns dogs portland st johns

In the quaint St. Johns area you can find an old gas station turned diner.

portland colorful houses

And some really colorful homes in the Pearl District.

portland colorful houses1 portland christmas portland sunset road

portland micro houses colorful
Bright micro houses. Would you live in one?

portland bar portland christmas santa tree

You can find Santa and some really good Mexican food in Mississippi Avenue.

What are your thoughts during holiday times? Do you love them? Or are you kind of a Scrooge?

5 thoughts on “Magical Portland in The Winter

  1. I loved this post! I recognized a lot of the places here and it brought back a lot of memories regarding my time in Portland. 🙂


    1. Thank you! And that’s nice to have made you reminisce 🙂 I love Portland, fell in love with it pretty quick.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for sharing! I loved the pic of the micro houses!


  3. Loved the energy of the post. Fabulous photos.


  4. Gorgeous post! Portland sounds like a wonderful place to visit and live in.


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