14 Valentine’s Day Traditions Around The World

14 Valentine’s Day Traditions Around The World
Even though we are aware Valentine's Day is too commercialized nowadays, we still enjoy celebrating it. I mean, why not celebrated with those you love? Any excuse is a good excuse. Especially if it involves flowers and chocolate, am I right? And while some countries don't celebrate, some of the ways some countries do might surprise you. Valentine’s Day traditions around the world can get pretty interesting and quirky.  (more…)

Christmas In The Garden At The Oregon Garden

Christmas In The Garden At The Oregon Garden
Last weekend we spontaneously (as per usual) decided to drive an hour and a half to the Oregon Garden in Silverton to experience some Christmas spirit and we sure found it. "Christmas in the Garden" is basically what it sounds like... It is Christmas lights, Christmas music, German Christmas Market style Shops, Food and Drink, fire pits, Santa and (real!) reindeers, and ice skating. All it was missing was a little snow! (more…)

Holiday Gift Guide For The Travel Lover

If you are still looking for gift ideas I got some for you ranging from $8.98 - $199.99 USD. They all feature the subject travel in one way or another and some will also be perfect for the foodie, chocolate lover, artist, outdoor enthusiast, bookworm, and comfort creature. Take a look!  (more…)

Guest Post: The Best Christmas Markets In Europe

European Christmas markets are becoming very popular, with more and more shoppers from the UK travelling abroad to pick up unusual gifts while soaking in the culture and atmosphere. There are lots of Christmas markets to choose from, and choosing the best one to visit can be difficult, so here are some of the top contenders to help make the selection easier. (more…)

Demystifying Holiday Planning (Ideas to Get You Inspired)

Planning a holiday is so much fun. But it can also be hard work in trying to decide what to do. There are so many amazing places in the world offering amazing things that sometimes we can get lost in the decision making. When you do plan your holiday, it is great to think about the sort of thing you are looking for in your trip. Different holidays offer different experiences so think carefully about

My Unpopular Opinion Related to Valentine’s Day

Confession: I don't like Valentine's Day, I think it's stupid. And this is coming from someone who has a chocolate addiction, loves flowers and is in a relationship. Exactly one year ago, in honor of Valentine's Day and my disdain towards the holiday, I wrote about my opinion on relationship/dating checklists and today I feel the same way about them so I will share it again (with a few edits and additions). (more…)

Christmas Around The World

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="720"] Moon over Prague Christmas Market by Seb Duggan[/caption] I love Christmas time, don't you? I know there is a lot of commercialization around it, which I don't like but I can't help myself feeling joy inside as I am surrounded by Christmas lights and even the December chill and wearing boots and coats and eating really deliciously and giving gifts. Ok, I admit I also enjoy receiving gifts. Oh and of course Christmas trees! There

Magical Portland in The Winter

When we first arrived to Oregon last year, we had come from a very long trip from India and we were planning to stay temporarily. Our finances were also pretty tight. This year we find ourselves living in the country about 35 miles from the city of Portland which we have been visiting every weekend for a few weeks. Portland during the holidays is pretty magical. They have a giant Christmas tree at the heart of

Everything You Need To Know About The Day of the Dead

Everything You Need To Know About The Day of the Dead
Feliz Día de los Muertos! The Day of the Dead is way cooler and more interesting than Halloween. Read on to learn about this ancient rooted and fascinating holiday. The Day of the Dead is a two-day Mexican holiday that doesn't celebrate death but those who were living. It occurs from October 31 - November 2 of each year.  (more…)