This Week’s Small Pleasures #38


I guess this week was kind of uneventful. Tonight are the Oscars and I’m kind of excited because I am a film buff and spent the last month watching lots of Oscar nominated movies. I definitely think Birdman should win Best Picture.

These were my small pleasures:

1. The weather was just absolutely perfect all week. I can’t help but think about the awful weather they’re getting in the East Coast and here we are in the Pacific Northwest with 50-60 degree weather and sunny clear skies. Incredible. I’m sorry if you are having bad weather, don’t mean to rub it in your face.

A river beach in the middle of nowwhere, Oregon
Clear skies at the nearby by river beach.

2. Last month we had to rent a car for a day and somehow lost our Indian smartphone (which we got when we lived in India) in the rental car, and which I use here for mobile apps and wifi only; basically as a mini tablet because it doesn’t work as a phone. This week someone somehow contacted Josh and said “I found a phone in a mustang I just rented.” On Tuesday it arrived in the mail. We weren’t even sad about losing it but it was really nice to see there are nice people still out there. Plus now I can get back to using instagram again (maybe you had noticed the lack of instagram posts, probably not.) We don’t own any other smartphones.

3. One morning I found three books on our front door and a note that said “to Josh and Mani”. Our landlords/housemates/friends had left us a gift of three books about our interests: sailing (his) and ballet & stretching (hers). Random acts of gift giving and receiving are great, as are random acts of kindness.

books gift

4. This video and this video by Go Pro made me smile, as did this GIF.

5. We started watching season 5 of Downtown Abbey! I just love that show.

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What made you happy this week? 

Weekly Small Pleasures – Blog Event

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This blog event is simply about remembering and sharing those small things that made you happy during the week; things that made you smile, made you laugh, made you do a happy dance, made your heart smile…

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10 thoughts on “This Week’s Small Pleasures #38

  1. Early spring weather is also one of my weekly pleasures this week 🙂 It’s so nice to feel warm sunshine again.


  2. I share your thoughts about…nice people out also make me feel happy! what make me happy this week…help cooking for a bday party for my brother and when i arrive to his home he gave me a beautiful surprise!…he call my son and invite him there! what a great surprise for me to see him arrive!!! I cant wait to see Downton Abby!!!!


  3. That’s so great to get your phone back. I love when people show true goodness to do such things.


  4. Wow… İts so great to hear that there still are some nice people out there! That’s so rare this days.


  5. I totally agree with you on Spring weather. It instantly lifts the spirits!


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