Paleo Banana Muffins (Grain, Dairy and Egg Free)

banana muffins paleo9

These muffins are gluten free (wheat and grain free), vegan (dairy and egg free), paleo, and processed sugar free, the only sugar comes from the actual bananas and unsweetened real appleasauce. Now these are some good muffins! I would almost call them healthy. 

banana muffins paleo

They are easy to make simply miking wet and dry ingredients separately and then combining them including coconut flour, tapioca flour, baking soda, cinnamon, sea salt, bananas, applesauce, coconut oil, vanilla extract and a flax “egg”.

banana muffins paleo1

To make a flax “egg” combine 3 tbsps of warm water with 1 tbsp of flaxseed meal and set aside to thicken.

banana muffins paleo3

We mix the wet ingredients.

banana muffins paleo4

Combine everything together…

banana muffins paleo5

And optionally fold in blueberries or chocolate chips.

banana muffins paleo6

Bake for 20 – 25 minutes and done. You don’t even have to let them cool.

banana muffins paleo7

Paleo Banana Muffins (Grain, Dairy and Egg Free)

  • Servings: 10-12 small muffins
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Adapted from Empowered Sustenance’s Recipebanana muffins paleo9

3 tbsps warm water, plus 1 tbsp flaxseed meal (aka flax “egg”)*
1/3 cup coconut flour
¼ cup tapioca flour
½ tsp sea salt
½ tsp baking soda
1 tsp cinnamon
3 bananas, mashed
1/3 cup coconut oil, melted
¼ cup applesauce (unsweetened)
1 tsp vanilla extract

3 tbsps blueberries or chocolate chips
chopped nuts (I used walnuts)

1. To make the flax “egg” combine 3 tbsps of warm water, plus 1 tbsp flaxseed meal and set aside or let sit in the refrigerator to thicken.
2. If desired, line muffin pan with parchment paper liners or silicon liners, or use a silicon muffin pan (I used this one).
3. Preheat the oven to 350 F degrees.
4. Mix the coconut flour, tapioca flour, sea salt, cinnamon, and baking soda together in a small bowl. Set aside.
5. In another bowl use an electric mixer to combine the mashed bananas, melted oil, applesauce, and vanilla.
6. Add the dry ingredients to the banana mixture and beat until combined.
7. Add your flax egg to the batter, and combine.
8. If using, fold in blueberries or chocolate chips.
9. Drop heaping tablespoons of batter into your prepared muffin pan.
10. Optionally top with chopped nuts.
11. Bake at 350 F degrees for 20-25 minutes until lightly golden on top.

*Notes: Instead of a flax egg, you can make it the same way using ground chia seeds instead of flax. These muffins came out pretty small, if you want bigger muffins, fill the cups with more batter to make less than 10-12 muffins.

banana muffins paleo8


[Bringing some to Justine’s Tea Party and Fiesta Friday]

9 thoughts on “Paleo Banana Muffins (Grain, Dairy and Egg Free)

  1. Wow this is so cleverly adapted! The pics Aren’t showing on my phone which is a shame. Your very clever tbough changing it all, now I wonder on my low fodmap diet I am not allowed apples yikes so what could I substitute the applesauce did? Because I would love to try and make these for sure. Really appreciate you bringing this to tea time and I think I might bag a couple before they go hehe xxx


    1. You could replace the applesauce with melted butter, apricot puree, pureed prune, egg, yogurt or sour cream. 🙂


      1. oooh that sounds good well i have saved this to my scrapbook and will let you knwo when I make it, thank you so much for sharing it 😀


  2. Love banana muffins:-) yum yum


  3. Aaah i love this recipe as it is gluten free and dairy free. Iv been searching for such recipes lately. 🙂


  4. What a delicious & healthy treat!


  5. Wow! These look amazing, and for being good for so many different types of diets, surprisingly simple, too.
    The pig-clip on the flaxseed made me smile. So cute!


    1. Yes they are great for many different diets 🙂


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