Monthly Best Of: March 2015


March was interesting. The biggest thing that happened to us was our further involvement with the Red Cross. We were deployed to work at our first shelter which opened for some residents that were displaced for a night because of strong winds causing several trees to fall over their apartment complex. We also had tons of training which involved a 8 hour road trip (roundtrip) for a weekend. We met our Disaster Services Manager and we both passed our Emergency Response Vehicle driving test as I mentioned in the last weekly small pleasures post.

I am looking forward to doing more training needed to be a great Red Cross volunteer. In other news, our kitty won’t be going into heat anymore because she got spayed this week. She recovered amazingly.

I also made some new achievements at my crossfit classes including jumping up 24 inches. Keep in mind I am only 5 ft 1 in. I feel myself getting stronger the more I attend those classes. It’s a nice feeling.

And that’s my update. Below are the best posts of March based on most likes and views.

1. Around The World In 18 Gestures 

gestures around the world

2. 7 Habits I Picked Up When I Moved to the USA 

2. Believing that I won’t get run over when crossing the road
2. Believing that I won’t get run over when crossing the road

3. Riding A Motorcycle To The Fruit Market In Rural India 

fruit market india1

4. Paleo Banana Muffins (Grain, Dairy and Egg Free) 

banana muffins paleo8

5. Women Around The World 

field farmers

6. The Foodies Top Food Markets Around The World 

food markets

7. 21 Fun Facts About Europe 

21 facts europe

8. Lemon Chia Chewy Balls (Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, Vegan) 

lemon chia balls1

9. [Guest Post] Road Trip To The Largest Buddhist Monastery In South Asia 

10. Explore The Elements – Travel Photoblogging Challenge 

The Most Viewed Award Goes To:
Things I Forgot To Take Care Of (Or Could Have Done Better) Before Moving Abroad
The Most Liked Award Goes To:
Walls Around The World

What was an achievement for you this month? Have a wonderful April!

3 thoughts on “Monthly Best Of: March 2015

  1. Ohhh I was really in need to catch up with your blog… I have been away for too long, sorry about that!!
    Thanks for writing this post with all the updates! How cool that you are involved with the Red Cross!!


    1. Oh! I’m glad this monthly post was useful 🙂 Welcome back 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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