Monthly Best Of: July 2015

best july2015

Apart from a freak accident, dropping a glass jar resulting in 5 stitches in my ankle, this month was pretty chill. I did a lot of cooking. Tried pressure canning for the first time and enjoyed our garden tremendously. I loved being able to harvest my own dinner, mostly. I also got creative in the kitchen. Yesterday, I was in the bathroom at my crossfit gym, and this woman randomly takes out a big ass zucchini from her bag and asks me if I want it. She said she had just picked it, and I accepted, cause why not? I had no idea what to do with it but a few hours later we were eating delicious homemade paleo chocolate zucchini bread. 

I had been enjoying the 70 degree weather in the last few days, but the 90-100 degree weather is back. Oh well. I am Mexican but I do not enjoy hot weather. I am a walking paradox in many ways.

Anyway, here are the top posts of July!

1. 10 Types of Expats Around The World

types expats

2. When Land Meets Water Around The World

duke gardens durham snow9

3. 7 Cities To Visit In Europe

Rome, Italy

4. Mexican Food Around The World

porqueno portland17

5. My A to Z of Travel


6. Driving Etiquette Around the World

driving around the world

7. This Week’s Small Pleasures #57

happy collagejuly

8. Quick and Easy Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Fudge (Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free)


9. My First Adventures In Pressure Canning


10. Bright Berry Beet Smoothie

berry beet smoothie


Have a wonderful August! (How is it August already?)

Which was your favorite post of the month?

2 thoughts on “Monthly Best Of: July 2015

  1. Good for you to be so creative in the kitchen. I used to make chocolate zucchini cake which my kids gobbled up. 🙂


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