Wind Around The World

long beach 06938

Wind is actually one of my favorite elements. It cools me off when I’m too hot, it blows me away and lets me have fun. Although at times, wind can be destructive (as any element can), it can also be very useful and even create energy!

I remember as a little kid going to one of the far ends on a big cruise ship and being blown away by the wind. I remember I could let go, as if falling down and it would catch me. One of my greatest wind memories. 

I also remember as a kid being inside a camping tent with a friend and the wind suddenly blew all three (me, my friend and the tent) away several feet! I think we rolled around and it was actually quite fun. Do you have any wind memories?

I have captured wind a few times across my travels, enjoy!

columbia river gorge10

For miles we could see these giant energy windmills on I-84 along the Columbia River in Oregon.

columbia river gorge8

Here’s more.

pendleton oregon museum13

We got up close one of them in Pendleton, OR.

cannon beach oregon10

It was quite windy when we decided to visit Cannon Beach on the coast of Oregon during winter.

The waves breaking in Acapulco.

A storm was approaching, the waves started getting bigger and the wind was moving the palm trees in Acapulco, Mexico. Check out the video!

A river beach

Wind is a great friend of sailboats. Can you see Mount Saint Helens in the middle?

long beach 06927

The wind was strong at Long Beach, WA and the kites were big, and they were being wrapped around the people; but they managed to get them up and it was great.

We borrowed D's convertible VW bug to go get the part.

I borrowed this convertible VW bug and I, of course, let the roof down and the wind blow my hair.

mthood oregon lodge5

The Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood, OR has these flags that are flapped by the wind.


And finally, it was definitely hard to take a photo without the wind blowing my hair on the ferry on the way to Victoria, BC.

Which one was your favorite?

15 thoughts on “Wind Around The World

  1. Nice post. Lovely photos and an interesting way of linking them all.


  2. The first picture of windmills reminded me of windmills along the ridges of mountains in West Virginia. Without perspective, it is hard to imagine just how b-i-g those windmills really are!


  3. Wow, wonderful photos and a great idea for a post! I love the sunset photos the most, they are stunning 🙂 I love when wind cools you down but sometimes it takes away from the warmth of the sun, and that’s when I don’t love it so much!


  4. I can imagine the fun of being pushed my the wind as a child must have felt exciting


  5. The pictures you have taken are absolutely stunning ❤


  6. Yes, great writeup about how wonderful winds are(:… its a cool, pleasant feeling the windy movements… nice


  7. I love the black and white picture of the beach, with the silhouette ! Simply gorgeous !


  8. I like these photos. Can you post more photos in the future with your hair being blown around in your face from the wind?


  9. I know! It’s such a cool feeling isn’t it? 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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