Creepy Around The World


[Our cat in India being creepy]

This would have probably been better to post around October and November when the creepy holidays occur around the world, like Halloween and the splendid Day of the Dead, but here I am searching for creepy photos in my archives today. It wasn’t an easy task.

In my travels, I guess I look for subjects that are more beautiful than creepy to photograph. That’s just me. Probably most of us, but I found a few. Enjoy these creepy photos!

budapest hungary caves

It was quite creepy yet fun to explore the caves in Budapest.

animal monkey zoo budapest

This gorilla doesn’t seem very happy giving creepy looks.

beets food

Roasted beets make a creepy crime scene in my kitchen.

budapest labyrinth cave

“The blood fountain” found in the center of a cave labyrinth in Budapest.

Human Spinal Cord and Cerebellums

Human spinal cord and cerebellums at Duke University.

duke durham brain

And holding human brains!

london film shoot

Creepy guy with fake blood during a film shoot in London.

mexico city limpia

A creepy limpia (cleansing) in Mexico City.

duke durham carnivorous plant

Carnivorous plants are quite creepy.

castle victoria bc20

The photo above and below are from the Craigdarroch Castle in Victoria, BC which had an overall creepy feeling. I think it had ghosts.

castle victoria bc18 dhuni india fire13

Looks like he’s coming out of the fire in India; creepy looking.

portland st johns alley

A creepy dark alley in Portland, Oregon.

acapulco mexico beach storm

Stormy and lightning skies can be creepy. This one is in Acapulco, Mexico.

The Zombie truck. "Zombies don't like fast food"

A creepy zombie truck.

Lie on a bed of nails at the Museo de los niños.

It was definitely kind of a creepy feeling lying on a bed of nails at the Museo de los niños in Mexico City. That’s my friend in the pic but I tried it too.

Friday Night Auction taxidermy

I find taxidermy quite creepy. Don’t you?

Which photo was your favorite creepy one?

13 thoughts on “Creepy Around The World

  1. Wow, so many! And yes, taxidermy is definitely creepy!


  2. That’s one scary gorilla!! I think the beets one was my favorite – gave me a good chuckle 🙂


  3. Loved the creapy Zombie truck and the pictures of the caves in Budapest!


  4. Quite creepy. I found the blood fountain creepy and interesting. What causes the red water? The brain photo was creepy. It looked like spaghetti.


    1. I think I asked but I forgot. I think they use some coloring and thickener to make it look bloody. I think you picked the two that I find the creepiest too!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Some of these made me shudder – especially the blood fountain, oh my!! It’s so true, we usually capture the beautiful things we see, so it was nice to see photos from a different perspective.


  6. The beets crime scene had me laughing; the blood fountain, not so much.



    1. Haha, yeah quite a different kind of creepy those two!


  7. Such a fun roundup!


  8. Dark alleys are definitely creepy! We bought my our kids a Venus Fly Trap a couple of years ago and we were so eager to see it capture flies, but it never happened.


  9. Well.. I have to admit I have never seen Beetlejuice. Well, I did used to watch of the animated tv show (beetlejuice cartoon) as a kid sometimes, but I don’t really remember it. I guess that’s something that’s going in the Jack and Sally (near)future to-do/watch list, huh?


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