Animals Around The World

king ahmed tomb india goat

Animals are amazing creatures. They provide so much for us humans. They truly take care of our environment and they have shown to be incredible pets as well, often saving their owner’s lives. I have apparently captured images of various animal species from around the world. Enjoy!

astoria oregon9

Above is a sea lion in Astoria, Oregon. They were lots of them that were just being loud and hanging out during the summer.

long beach 06617

A dog we befriended from a B&B in Long Beach, Washington.

squirrel mexico city animal

A squirrel in Mexico City really digging his/her churro.

road ducks portland

Two random ducks hanging out in a neighborhood street in Tigard, Oregon.

hindu cow

An adorned cow in India.

mpr india cat

A wandering cat napping in India.

mercado de jamaica mexico15

Dogs and tigers made out of flowers in Mexico.

pendleton oregon8

Statues of cows and a dog in Pendleton, Oregon.

astoria oregon bird

Bird soaring in the skies between Washington and Oregon.

acapulco mexico beach18

A crow hanging out at the pool in Acapulco, Mexico.

mpr india land

A man with his cows in rural India.

the dalles oregon rodeo25

Horses at the rodeo in The Dalles, Oregon.


A turtle at the Eno River State Park in Durham, North Carolina.


Baby camels in Budapest, Hungary.

duke gardens durham bird1

Cool heron at the Duke Gardens in Durham, North Carolina.

A pet bear at the park.

A pet bear at the park in Russia. Seriously.


Our cute kitten in Oregon.

Cubby being sleepy and cute on the sofa.

Our domestic cat in North Carolina.

mumbai india horse carriage

A horse carriage in Mumbai, India.

london park squirrel

A squirrel in Hyde Park, London. More sophisticated than the one in Mexico.

portland waterfront2

Canadian geese in downtown Portland, OR.

Our outdoor wild cat.

And our outdoor cat in India. We seem to get cats wherever we live.

Which one was your favorite photo? And which is your favorite animal in the world?

7 thoughts on “Animals Around The World

  1. These are great photos, what a great selection you have! I love the cow because I like seeing how special they are in India, and the squirrel shots are the cutest, I especially like the one that is eating a churro, so funny!
    Also, I’ve nominated you for a blogger award :

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  2. The baby camels are so cuddly looking. And wtf with the “pet” bear. That’s insane.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My same thoughts when I came across it. Only in Russia.

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  3. love those ducks in the street!


    1. I know, I had never seen anything like it hehe.


  4. The flower animals because I have never seen anything like that before!


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