Product Recommendation: BERTRAND – The Organic Meal Replacement Shake

For a while, I have been intrigued by meal replacement beverages like Soylent which provide all the nutrients a person needs in powder form to make a shake. When I came across BERTRAND my interest peaked because it seems to be the only certified organic option out there. It’s also produced in Germany which is a plus for me as I currently and sadly don’t trust food in America very much. The more I found out about BERTRAND the more I wanted to try the product. 



BERTRAND is the result of studying what constitutes food from a scientific perspective.”

Our body needs carbohydrates, proteins, various vitamins, fibers, fatty acids such as omega-3 and omega-6, minerals and micronutrients contained in a variety of foods. Only a varied and balanced diet meets these requirements.

They have developed a formula which combines all nutrients recommended by dietitians into a powder called BERTRAND.

What makes BERTRAND special?


With several meal replacements options out there, why pick BERTRAND?

All of the vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and proteins that the body requires are found in the combination of real foods they use including all organic sea-buckthorn berries, flaxseed, colza (rapeseed) oil, nutritional yeast, healthy nuts, and Spanish nori seaweed to make BERTRAND. The product is also free of synthetic vitamins or artificial ingredients.

To summarize, this is why this product is great:

1. Organic certified: BERTRAND is the world’s first meal replacement drink of its kind certified organic according to USDA regulation and the EU-Eco-regulation.

2. Real food: As mentioned, they use real and healthy foods with no artificial additives.

3. All the nutrients: It was developed to cover all nutritional requirements.

4. Simple: Allows you to prepare a full meal in only 90 seconds.

5. Affordable: At three meals a day, one meal is approx. €3.70 or about $4.00 USD

bertrand ingredients


Grounds oats*, colza oil powder*, powdered milk*, ground almonds*, ground flaxseed*, ground sunflower seed*, cane sugar*, ground walnut*, sea buckthorn powder*, gum arabic, locust bean gum*, vanilla flavor, coconut powder*, iodised salt, nutritional yeast*, algae powder (nori)*, mushroom powder* (agaricus bisporus).

*from controlled organic agriculture



It may not be the most delicious thing you’ve ever had, but for its quality and what it provides, it’s pretty great. It’s ideal for long hiking, trekking or camping trips, emergencies, and professionals like paramedics or students that have very little time to prepare meals.

And all new customers get a free shaker BlenderBottle with their order!


And there are even better news for some of you. The new vegan version is available to pre-order, with shipping starting in late October! In this version, the milk powder and its nutrients are substituted with great ingredients like rice protein, chlorella, algae powder, guava extract, lemon peel extract and basil leaf extract.

They ship internationally too! To order and find all the information you need, you can visit their website. And you can also read some helpful reviews on a unique medicinal ingredient you might have never heard of.

Would you be able to fit this product into your lifestyle?

8 thoughts on “Product Recommendation: BERTRAND – The Organic Meal Replacement Shake

  1. It is sad about North American food – we can thank Monsanto for that


  2. Good to have healthy options to turn to when one is rushed or feeling like some junk food might be an option. I had never heard of the product before.


    1. Yeah, a great healthy substitute to McDonalds for sure!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. This looks much better than the original Soylent. I like the fact that it is certified by an european agency. Shipping fee is fair too.


  4. Yeh, but there is no information on the people who make it. What degree do they have? Do they actually have any formal training in nutrition?


  5. My flatmate is testing the 30-days-bertrand-diet at the moment. He is super happy with it (vegan version).

    I actually wouldn’t replace 3 meals a day with a shake, but it is a great lunch if your busy in the office or something.
    It doesn’t taste sweet like other shakes – great product!

    Greetings from germany!


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