Incredible Reasons You Should Visit California

Sunset from atop a mountain in Santee, California

If you’ve never visited California, it’s about time you added it to your bucket list. There are so many reasons to visit what some people consider to be the most beautiful state in the US! If you’re interested to find out more, read on!

840 Miles of Coastline

With 804 miles of gorgeous coastline, you have so many options when it comes to kicking back and relaxing. No one in Cali lives very far from the beach, and there are 3 cities to choose from too. If you want to relax, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Don’t forget, you can surf and take part in incredible water sports activities too. You can find Surf Lessons Santa Monica by just about every major beach if you are new to the sport. 

San Diego
San Diego – Photo by: Port of San Diego

The Weather

As you may already know, the weather in California is nearly always sunny. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t go skiing from time to time either. Most of the time you can be sure the weather is perfect for topping up your tan, but occasionally there’s a drop of rain or a snow storm. It doesn’t happen nearly as often as everywhere else though.

Weird and Wonderful Things to See

If you just love weird and wonderful things to see and do, California has it. It’s even considered to be the weirdest state by the Guinness World Book of Records! You can see bunny museums, dragon sculptures, and even learn all about bananas at the banana museum. If you love alternative stuff like this, California is the place for you!

Photo by Thomas Hawk

Diverse Foods

California is rife with different cultures, and therefore different foods too. You can sample every kind of dish you’ve ever wanted to try in California, from Thai food to French. The Monterey restaurants are a must visit!

Local Gigs

California was once home to some of your favorite bands, including the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Beach Boys. These bands have inspired many other bands, so you can be sure there are a ton of local gigs for you to see in California. If you like that kind of scene, make sure you visit!

Coachella 2013 — Indio, CA by Thomas Hawk


Who doesn’t love Disney? California is the home to its very own Disneyland, that kids and adults alike are sure to love. Just make sure you buy your tickets in advance and go at a time when you’ll beat the crowds.

National Parks

The National parks in California are a must visit. You can see lots of different kinds of trees and animals, so they’re perfect for those who love spending time in nature.

Yosemite Panorama Trail
Yosemite Panorama Trail – Photo by Puck90

The Shopping

Finally, the shopping. California has some amazing shopping opportunities that shopaholics from all over the globe will love. You can shop at Bloomingdales, Harvey Nichols, and anywhere else you can think of. Just make sure you take enough cash to treat yourself!

Are you convinced that you need to visit California yet? If you’ve been to California, feel free to leave your own travel tips below. 

Top photo credit: Slworking2

7 thoughts on “Incredible Reasons You Should Visit California

  1. [ Smiles ] California looks like a lovely place to visit!


  2. I’m visiting California for the first time next year! Taking Mr Ayla as a surprise for his 30th birthday and I’m already super excited! It looks like a fabulous part of the US to explore 🙂


  3. Ahh, California. One of my favorite places ever!!


  4. Your list reminded me all the great things about living in Cali… I wish I could go back!


  5. I’d say don’t forget to take some warm clothes when you go to North California. It’s always sunny, but it gets quite chilly after 5pm, even during the summer. Weather in San Francisco changes every 5 min, so there prepare for all sorts of temperatures. For nature trips Lake Tahoe is a must. For shopping I like Gilroy Premium Outlets. California is my love 🙂


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