5 Undeniable Reasons to Visit Florida

Florida is one of the States’ most diverse and beautiful states. Stunning beaches, world-class theme parks and unbeatable nightlife are just a few of the things you will find. Any trip to Florida offers great experiences for any holiday-goer. Here are some of Florida’s hot spots. They are the places you cannot miss next time you travel to the Sunshine State.


Blue Moon Over Miami Visit Florida
Blue Moon Over Miami by Matthew Paulson

In southern Florida, you will find Miami. With gorgeous beaches and fantastic bars and clubs, Miami is Florida’s party hotspot. Home to Spring Break, Miami’s South Beach is one of the world’s most famous locations. Miami makes a fantastic location for enjoying sun, sea and shopping all year round. You can stay in vacation rentals in Miami for a fraction of the price of what a hotel would cost. You will enjoy all of the same comforts, but with a lot more freedom.


walt disney world
Photo by Dawn Ashley

Whether you have a family or simply love theme parks, Orlando is the place to head. Home to Disney World, Universal Studios and Seaworld, this is an adrenaline junkie’s playground. You can easily spend weeks losing yourself in all of the theme parks. Meet Mickey and Minnie Mouse in Disney and head to waterparks and get some relief from the warm weather.

Aside from all the theme parks, Orlando has a very good nightlife scene as well. When the sun goes down, the party gets started. International Drive is one of the most famous nightlife spots in Orlando. Lined with clubs and bars for adults and families alike, there is something for any holiday-maker.

Everglades National Park

Photo by Diego Madrigal on Pexels.com

At the very tip of Florida is the Everglades National Park. This is the place to go for nature lovers. Walk the trails through the park and look out for turtles, alligators and herons. You can even explore the bay by boat. Keep an eye out for crocodile and dolphins here too. From hiking, biking and canoeing there are many activities available to visitors. The Everglades makes a massive change from nearby Miami. If you wanted city living with a bit of nature, you could combine these two places for an all-encompassing holiday.

The Keys

Key West
Just off the coast of Key West; Sunset Key (left) and Wisteria Island (right). by James Willamor

The Keys is a chain of islands that stretches an impressive 120 miles around the tip of Florida. They are connected to the mainland by impressive bridges including the Seven Mile Bridge. On these islands you will find beautiful beaches and the clearest waters. They are great for snorkelling and scuba diving. If you want to mix sports and adventure with sunbathing and relaxing, The Keys is the place for you. Many of the islands boast amazing museums and family attractions too.

Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay Times Forum Party Deck Sunset
Tampa Bay. By Matthew Paulson

If you are a big sports fan, you should consider visiting Tampa Bay. Home to Florida’s NFL team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, catch them in a match against a rival team. On top of this, you can visit Busch Gardens where you will find world-class roller coasters as well as a zoo that is home to beautiful animals.

Have you been to Florida?

12 thoughts on “5 Undeniable Reasons to Visit Florida

  1. And Disneyland and universal studios too ! ?


    1. Yes! I did mention Universal, and Disneyland is also great but it’s in California! 🙂


      1. Ohh I thought it’s in Florida ? my bad ??


      2. It can be confusing. Disneyworld is in FL and Disneyland is in CA. 🙂 And they both have Universal Studios.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Ohh thanks for clearing it ?


  2. Wish I could be there now! 🙂


  3. Yes love Florida, we’ve been many times and visited all the places you’ve named. We stayed on Key Islamorada in June and loved it! Have also stayed in Clearwater, Anna Maria Island and Fort Myers Beach – all fab.


    1. Thanks for the suggestions! I did visit Fort Myers as well, very nice there.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow, that ocean shot is amazing!!!!


  5. I am definitely one of those people that traveled to Orlando lots and lots of times as a child. What can I say: my mom LOVES Disney! I’ve found myself recently wanting to branch out in Florida, though. I always forget about Everglades…that’s a hard thing to do! I’d love to go exploring there next. Who knows when I will happen upon a cheap flight. 🙂


    1. Disney is such a happy place. I got to go there a few times myself as a child too.


  6. We are fortunate to have good friends that are snowbirds in Naples, FL. We spent 9 days with them last February and spent time hiking in the Everglades. For northerners used to hiking in the mountains, it was a different and unique experience. We can’t wait to go back this year and explore new territory!


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