Mexico City – Bits & Pieces and Roma Norte

mexico city view4

I visited Mexico City for 10 days this month. I wasn’t there for Christmas but Christmas celebrations, decorations and moods weren’t lacking. The trip was pretty routine and I didn’t do anything specific worth blogging about (I don’t really think you care about my adventures of going to the movies, shopping, dining out and hanging out with friends) but I did take some snapshots of the city that I’d like to share with you. 

We’ll start off with a snapshot from my childhood home.

mexico city christmas

I used to be able to paint.

mexico city christmas2

Well that tree wasn’t in my home but a pretty cool shopping center called Paseo Interlomas. Check out Santa dancing to Uptown Funk!:

mexico city flowers

This flower stand was just a random stop for roses heading back home. Some of the most beautiful roses I’ve seen. A dozen for 120 pesos (about 7 USD). The seller also asked my mom and I to pick a colorful flower for us to keep, complimentary. These kinds of small moments of giving is what what I love about the Mexican people.

mexico city flowers1mexico city pinatas1

Also drove by a man selling some festive piñatas which are very popular during this time of year for posadas.

mexico city pinatas3mexico city roma

One day, my mom took me to la Roma, the current most trendy area of the city. When I lived there this area wasn’t trendy. We walked around and visited a local Medellin market.

mexico city roma1

I love this little piece of paradise. It was a building with the cutest shops and outdoor little restaurant. Just look at the tile on the floor!

mexico city roma2

I’m going to have to go back and eat at that lovely restaurant and gourmet shop called Carlota & Emilia.

mexico city roma3

In the same building on the second floor is this amazing handmade French-style white ceramic shop. The prices were pretty good too! They showed a video of where the objects are made in a town called San Miguel de Allende.

mexico city roma5

Just outside is this great roundabout where pedestrians and runners hang out. Above you cal also see the line of rental eco bikes which are popular to use around the city. You can pick one up and return it at different points in the city.

mexico city roma6mexico city roma4mexico city roma4 food1

We had plans to have lunch with dad but we couldn’t resist ordering a street taco de nopales con queso (cacti or prickly pear with cheese) from this lady. The tortillas was exquisite. I want one right now.

mexico city roma5 foodmexico city roma8

Then we headed inside the market where we found an adorable dog.

mexico city roma mercado mexico city roma mercado1

We walked around, and then I walked around some more while my mom had someone read the tarot to her.

mexico city roma mercado2 mexico city roma mercado3

We bought knicks and knacks including chocolates, small perfume oils, a ceramic oil diffuser, organic soaps, and future telling. It wasn’t the cheapest market compared to many others in the city.

mexico city roma mercado4mexico city roma6 mexico city roma7mexico city view

And I never get tired of this view from out 11th floor apartment.

mexico city view1

Does this post make you want to go visit Mexico City?

10 thoughts on “Mexico City – Bits & Pieces and Roma Norte

  1. Thanks for sharing the dancing Santa! Brilliant! Looks like a lovely trip 🙂


  2. This is so much fun to see! I am sure that you had a wonderful time! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful photos. 🙂 xoxo


  3. Paseo Interlomas is the nicest mall in the city. Feliz Navidad Mani!


    1. Is it? hehe.. it is pretty nice. It’s kind of the closest one to my home in Mexico so it’s usually the one we go to. The newer one in Toreo is pretty nice too. I think it’s called Parque Central or something. Feliz Navidad!


  4. Seems like such a wonderful time! Glad you had so much fun 🙂


  5. Beautiful! I’ll be going there for 9 days for the first time (specifically Roma norte) in May and am glad you made this post for a little preview, though I’m glad the
    holidays have passed


    1. Oh, nice! I think you’ll love it. Have a great trip!


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