Pink and Purple Flowers Around The World

washington park rose test garden

Braise yourselves for pink and purple beauty bonanza. As I was going through my photo archives I came across lots of pink and purple flowers from my travels and they are so pretty! I shall say no more, just scroll down and you’ll see.

india2015 meherazad12

Pretty flowers in Meherazad, India.

india2015 meherazad3

Another one in Meherazad.

india2015 meherazad1

And even more in Meherazad. How awesome are these tiny purple flowers?

mtsthelens oregon9

Look at that lonely pretty purple tulip with Mount Saint Helens in the background.

abkhazi garden victoria bc13

Pink! Everywhere at the Abkhazi Garden in Victoria, BC, Canada

abkhazi garden victoria bc5

Same garden here.

dhuni india fire5

Purple (or pink?) flowers on an Indian woman’s sari.

mercado de jamaica mexico21

Lots of pink roses at the mercado de jamaica in Mexico City

astoria bridge restaurant dessert

Edible purple flowers on my dessert that disappeared in 3 seconds, at the Bridgewater Bistro in Astoria, Oregon


Wild purple flowers in Mossyrock, Washington

india2015 samadhi6

Beautiful pink flower in Meherabad, India

flowers portland13

Pink flowers where we used to live in Tigard, Oregon

Painted flowers in India.

Painted purple flowers in India.

india squirrel

Pink flowers on the ground behind camouflaging squirrel… in India.

Flower found in London.

Flower found in London, UK

An Indian kid walks off with pretty flowers.

An Indian kid walks off with pretty flowers.

duke gardens durham flowers1

And these were found at the Duke Gardens in Durham, North Carolina.

MexicoPlantHDR chapultepec

So these are not flowers but they’re cool purple plants I found at the Castillo de Chapultepec in Mexico City.

tulip farm oregon 13

And these are not tulips but they were at the tulip farm in Woodburn, Oregon…

tulip farm oregon shadows

Here are the tulips…

tulip farm oregon 6

And even more.

durham snow flower

I love this one. A beautiful pink flower surviving the cold winter in North Carolina.


Amazing purple flowers at Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington.

washington park rose test garden

I also love these found in Portland, Oregon.

purple plants

More cool purple plants, these are from India.

indian men flowers

And these men hold pink or purple flowers in India.

Traditional birthday celebration in Maharashtra, India.

A non traditional cake with purple flowers at a traditional birthday celebration in Maharashtra, India.

mpr india

Finally more purple flowers in India outside the Meher Pilgrim Retreat.

Which one was your favourite?

10 thoughts on “Pink and Purple Flowers Around The World

  1. My picks would be the one with Mount Saint Helens in the background and the Woodburn one 🙂


  2. Great collection – I really like the first one, it is so unusual!


    1. Thanks! I actually really like that photo and I don’t know why.


  3. Beautiful florals for this week’s challenge. 😀


  4. Such a beautiful post!! 🙂 It’s so hard to pick a favourite, but I do really love the one of the boy in India – those flowers are so bright! I just love capturing photos of flowers, it’s a feel-good thing for me! 🙂


    1. Flowers are just so nice, and feel-good as you say 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Chocolate and flowers… how can it get any better than that! (I discovered hydrangeas when we moved to our “new house.” I was not familiar with the pink flowers that grow on the north side of the house, but they are now one of my favorites for their long-lasting color!


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