Monthly Best Of: January 2016


This month was pretty chill and routine… lots of cooking, cleaning, working out, eating, scooping the litter box, reading, watching football and netflix, blogging, grocery shopping, and the occasional fun outing to the movies (watched some really good ones) and the theater. The theater wasn’t really routine as we hadn’t been in years and it was really fun.

I hope you had a good start to the year, and here are the best posts of the month based on likes and views:

1. 7 Delicious Green Smoothies To Try

coconut avocado green smoothie3

2. The Rise of the Wander Women – Female Solo Travellers


3. My Top 15 Films of 2015

best films 2015

4. 2016 Very Serious New Year’s Resolutions

5. 5 Places You Have To Visit When You Are In California

6. Circles Around The World

7. 21 Ways To Beat Motion Sickness

8. Drinking My Way Around The World

acapulco pool mexico coconut

9. This Week’s Small Pleasures #72

10. Wandering America’s West Coast

Which was your favorite post? What would you like to read more about?

Happy February!

4 thoughts on “Monthly Best Of: January 2016

  1. I like the idea “small pleasures”.
    Great photos!


    1. Thanks! You should join in me in the small pleasures weekly event! 🙂


  2. yay! Female solo travelers! I am still one! (From time to time) 🙂


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