Hot Around The World


This post is about things that are hot, from bonfires and s’mores, hot weather, to hot drinks… I’m sharing with you a series of photos I’ve captured around the world that portray something hot. You might be sweatin’ a bit by the end of this post. 

oregon garden christmas10

Hot mulled wine at the Christmas Market!

chai black tea

The beginnings of hot chai.

mexico city roma4 food1

A very hot large cast iron pan where this lady is making delicious blue tortillas into tacos, and other yummy filled stuff. Mexico City.

india2015 mumbaiairport

The airport is not air conditioned, but one step outside of the Bombay airport and you will feel the heat! I always start sweating right away.

homemade corn tortillas13

Steaming hot homemade corn tortillas. (recipe)

india2015 dhuni16

So hot, you wouldn’t want to touch this dhuni fire in India.

india2015 sweethome1

And when in India, ice cream is always a good idea to beat the hot weather.

tedxportland run3

Definitely was feeling hot during this 6k run around Portland, OR

afternoon tea empress hotel victoria bc11

And a hot cup of tea (or “cuppa”) is always a heart-warmer. Tea time in Victoria, BC

bread budapest hungary

This hot bread being cooked in hot cylinders is absolutely divine. Budapest, Hungary

india2015 train

Hot pink turban on an Indian man’s head.

tahini hot chocolate2

Homemade tahini hot chocolate. (recipe)

roasted chiles

Steaming hot roasted peppers at the farmers market.

india2015 mpr4

Ceiling fans are always nice in India to get a little air wind going from the hot temperatures. Can you count all of them hanging from the ceiling in this dining hall?

fish and chips saltys portland food

To make fish and chips crispy and golden you need some really hot frying oil!

cannon beach oregon8

Here I was enjoying something delicious hot clam chowder in Cannon Beach, Oregon. Can you see the Haystack Rock through the window?

mercado de jamaica mexico food3

A hot grill is required to make juicy and delicious grilled corn. At the market in Mexico City.


Inside the USS Blueback submarine, this man explains how it was hell working at the engine room where it would get unbearably hot.

chapati roti

A steaming hot freshly made chapati. Yum.

laconia new hampshire5

Sunshine in Laconia, New Hampshire. Courtesy of a very hot sun.

Shirtless guy getting free ice cream. Why not?

Speaking of the hot sun, this man is surely feeling it as he decided to take off his shirt and get some ice cream in downtown Portland, OR.

oregon brew fest portland20

It was also very hot during the Brew Fest in Oregon. All the people behind me are enjoying and cooling with the water sprinklers.


When we lived in India, before we got A/C it would get pretty hot in our house. This is my husband’s attempt at keeping cool but wrapping a damp t-shirt around his head.

cooling sesame seeds

And here I trying to cool my toasted sesame seeds faster by placing them under the ceiling fan. I was making tahini.

My Burnt Nutribullet

My poor nutribullet couldn’t take the voltage difference in India and burnt from an overheated motor.

Bratwurst in Berlin

And finally, a German hot dog! In Germany, of course… Berlin.

Which photo was your favourite? 

12 thoughts on “Hot Around The World

  1. Hot pink turban was a surprise! I like the tea time shot, the cornstalks and what’s up with the German hot dogs? Too big for the bun, lol!


    1. The sausage is better than the bun so why not make it bigger right? haha.. That’s sounds bad.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Lolol! That does sound bad 😉


  2. Such fun Hot photos for this week’s theme. Thanks for playing. 😀


  3. The ice cream on a hot day is one of the best! Although I miss the chapati and chai the most.


  4. already sweating after looking at all the pictures 😀 …never liked the word hot or the hot weather, so looking forward to a post where things are a lot cooler 🙂


      1. so next post on the cooler stuff??


  5. Such a great theme! My favourite hot things from the list and chai and mulled wine – both so full of flavour and so cosy!


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