How To Book The Perfect Accommodation


Planning a trip can be overwhelming and choosing the right accommodation is a big part of it. Wherever you stay depends on who you are traveling with, your budget, and your style (are you more into adventure or luxury?).

With so many options out there, the infographic below can help you narrow your options, whether you are traveling solo, with your partner, with friends or with family.

What amenities are important to you? How do you feel about partying? How are you with heights? What are you packing? These are just a few questions you’ll answer to reach an accommodation suggestion for your trip.

If you’re traveling solo you could try a “homestel”. Going away with a romantic partner? A secluded retreat might be just perfect. If you are traveling with a group of friends, find out about everyone’s priorities and personalities. Not everyone can handle a snorer, and no one wants to draw the short straw and end up crashing on the pull-out sofa. And if you are going on a family trip, you might want to look at discounts and kid-friendly places.

Maybe the flowchart below can help ease your travel planning:

How to Book the Perfect Accommodation - An Infographic from Wimdu Blog

Thanks for the graphic to Wimdu

Ready to book? You can find a place for every kind of traveler from the adventurous, the luxurious, to the budget-conscious on Airbnb. And if it’s your first time booking, you can get $25USD (or equivalent) credit with this link!

So, what’s your travel style?

2 thoughts on “How To Book The Perfect Accommodation

  1. Fantastic post, Mani. Years of travel wisdom packed into one post.


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