3 Top Travel Tips For 2016


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Are you thinking about going travelling this year? (Who isn’t, right?) Then I bet you’re looking for some handy advice to help you organise everything. Well, today is your lucky day. It just so happens I am about to share 3 top travel tips for 2016:

Don’t Travel Alone

While it may sound appealing to travel on your own, and sometimes it is a great idea. Today, I don’t recommend it. Sure, you get a lot of alone time and a chance to ‘find yourself’ if you do; but, travelling is so much more enjoyable when you’re with other people. All you need is one extra person to turn a good travelling experience into a great one. The best part about it is that you can create memories with each other that you’ll remember forever. I have so many of them from traveling with best friends and with family. Plus, it’s far safer and potentially cheaper to travel with others, as opposed to being alone.

Skiing trip with one of my best friends.
Skiing trip with one of my best friends.

Save, Save, Save

Travelling is a fantastic thing to do and everyone should try and travel at least once in their life. However, it’s necessarily not cheap. Travelling expenses add up. Naturally, it does depend on where you’re travelling to, for how long and how much you are willing to rough it. Still, it can turn into a costly venture. So, you have to make sure that you have saved up enough money to go on a trip. You need to save, save, save, and get the funds you need. Think about how much transport will cost, accommodation, and general spending. It’s likely you’ll need to spend a fair few months saving up before you can afford to go exploring. Start saving today, and you can begin planning your 2016 travel adventure.

The train from Moscow to St Petersburg
The train from Moscow to St Petersburg

Visit Italy

I’ll round this article off with a little travel suggestion for you all. If you’re looking for somewhere to travel to in 2016, you cannot go wrong with Italy. Everyone knows it’s a beautiful country with so much stuff to see. There are iconic cities dotted all over the country. You’ve got historical sights like the Roman Colosseums and huge amphitheatres, in Rome and Verona respectively. Not to mention iconic natural sights like Mount Vesuvius in Pompeii. Which, might I add, can be seen from the idyllic bay of Naples. And then you have one of the must see locations in Europe; Venice. The city of Venice is full of beautiful canals and gondola rides; it is sheer perfection. If all this isn’t enough to convince you then the food and the weather will. Italy is renowned for producing the best cuisine in the world. And, during the summer months, you get plenty of sun to enjoy on the many Mediterranean beaches. For those of you that are looking to travel in Europe for the first time this year, Italy is a great place to start.

Rome, Italy
Rome, Italy

So there you have it, those were my top travel tips for 2016. Keep these in mind if you’re thinking about going away this year. Why not bookmark this page to come back to closer to your date of travelling? Of course, don’t forget to travel safe and make sure you never get into any danger.

Where are you planning on going this year?

2 thoughts on “3 Top Travel Tips For 2016

  1. Success Strategies March 11, 2016 — 7:32 am

    Italy…Venice. That’s my dream 🙂


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