8 Reasons That Make Mexico an Appealing Country to Visit

I may be biased but Mexico rocks. You can explore and find every single type of amazing place across the country including one of the largest metropolis of the world, tropical jungles, stunning beaches, historic architecture, colorful towns, colonial areas, indigenous culture, Spanish culture influence, centuries-old ruins, and a vast amount of culture and arts. Everything! I tell you. And don’t get me started on the food! (Although you will read more about that below, as it’s my number one reason.) The point is, there are many reasons to visit Mexico.

Whatever it is you are looking for in a vacation, Mexico has it. Want to swim with dolphins? Want to climb pyramids? Or would you like to hike up canyons? Want to indulge in the best gourmet cuisine in the world or just go taco stand hopping? Or how about experience majestic surfing waves and vibrant nightlife? Want to stroll around some of the best food and craft markets? I could go on and on but just keep on reading to learn about my 8 top reasons why anyone would want to (and should) visit Mexico.

I could go on and on but just keep on reading to learn about my 8 top reasons why anyone would want to (and should) visit Mexico.

Interested in visiting a place with a strong history and culture? I could go on and on but just keep on reading to learn about my 8 top reasons why anyone would want to (and should) visit Mexico.

reasons to visit Mexico
Acapulco Bay

8 Reasons To Visit Mexico

1. The Food

This takes the first spot because the food itself should be enough for anyone to plan a trip to Mexico and not be disappointed. Who doesn’t like Mexican food? You may be familiar with it as it can be found pretty much in any country on Earth, but when you go to the place of origin you will find the pot of gold at the end of the mexican food rainbow.

You will taste dishes you may have never heard of, and you will taste dishes that you know well, but they will be the best you’ve ever had. Chilaquiles, enchiladas, tacos, tostadas, churros, aguachile, tlacoyos, arrachera, pozole, mole, tamales, chicharron, esquite, sopes, tortas, bistec, pan dulce, pastel de tres leches, cajeta, aguas frescas… your mouth watered yet? Or maybe it just read like a foreign tongue twister. Just get to Mexico and eat.

tacos al pastor

2. The History

Mexico has a rich history dating far back (like 3 millennia back). It was first populated more than 13,000 years ago! The land had many intricate indigenous civilizations before more “recently” being conquered by the Spanish in the 16th century.

Did you know that the country’s capital, Mexico City, was Tenochtitlan – the Aztec’s founded capital? The territory became more and more colonial since the 1500s with the Spanish Empire influence. It would require years of studying to learn all about Mexican History but for now, know that you can visit many wonderful sites across the country including ruins, volcanoes, pyramids, castles, cathedrals, and museums to learn and get a glimpse of this rich history.

Uxmal Pyramid
Uxmal Pyramid by Grand Velas Riviera Maya

3. The Culture

History and Culture often go hand in hand but they are a little different. Culture involves the development made by man in the field of arts including music, dance, art and even tradition. Mexico has a vast amount of culture to offer.

For starters, did you know that Mexico City is the museum capital of the world? Meaning it has the most museums of any city in the globe.

Additionally, you can find wonderfully bright folklore and traditional dance like the voladores de papantla who decided to “dance in the air” by hanging by their feet with a rope. And you can find a great deal of beautifully handmade arts and crafts. Mexico is a cultural mecca.

voladores mexico

4. The Celebrations

Although there are many fun holidays and celebrations throughout the year, The Day of the Dead is another reason that should be enough to desire a trip to Mexico. From October 31 – November 2 (often starting sooner than that), most of the country is in celebration of those who have passed away including loved ones and famous people. Although there is some time for seriousness, sadness and grieving, most of it is plain joy.

Metropolitan Cathedral with Day of the Dead monsters
Metropolitan Cathedral with Day of the Dead monsters (Mexico City, Mexico) by Tristan Higbee

People remember and celebrate with great fondness and happiness those who once lived on Earth. Music, festivities, food, decorations, and of course, drinking are enjoyed in full. This holiday is eye candy, as well as cultural and even spiritual “candy”. At first it may be weird or a shock to see people basically celebrating death, but soon you will find yourself taking part and enjoying it.

Shrine to the Ancestors
Day of the Dead Altar by Geoff Livingston

5. The People

In general, the Mexican people are gems. They are cheerful characters that are willing to talk and help strangers without much thought. They don’t take life too seriously and allow plenty of time to enjoy it and take it easy. In fact, we may be infamous for being “slow walkers” in the streets.

At the same time, Mexicans can be very hard workers and produce quality work. If you ask me, without counting the violent bad apples, Mexicans have the perfect combination of personality traits. Almost right away when you land or drive into Mexico you will understand what I mean and come back with an appreciation for it.

mexico an appealing country to visit

6. The Bodies of Water

From stunning beaches with their fine grain and soft sand and their turquoise waters, to the most refreshing natural water cenotes, Mexico can be paradise for both beach bums and surfers.

You can visit places like this in the Rivera Maya encompassing a few different states in the Caribbean coastline on the Yucatan Peninsula, or you can head north to the Baja Peninsula where it’s known to have great surf spots and chill towns. Another option is to meet in the middle and travel to Sayulita – Puerto Vallarta’s little sister village, which hasn’t been over-boarded by tourists yet.

cancun mexico beach

7. Plenty of Resources

Even though Mexico is a third world country, you will find you don’t feel like you are in the middle of nowhere and all the services that you need will be available. From convenience stores, and shoe cobblers to many different ways of transportation.

Another benefit is that in case of an emergency, it is very easy to send money to Mexico. So if you run out of cash, you can easily receive money in Mexico from anywhere in the world. In some other countries, especially in Africa, it is very hard and costly to send money.

shoe repair mexico

8. The Affordability

Speaking of money, considering everything that Mexico has to offer and compared to many other popular countries in the world, Mexico can be very affordable. Especially if you stray away from the most touristy and “Americanized” places like Cancun.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t go because Cancun is actually pretty awesome, just don’t expect to find the great Mexican authenticity and affordability you will find in many other places in the country like Oaxaca, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mazatlan, and Veracruz. To save money, you could also live off street food and you will savour every single bite.

mexico city roma4 food1

Ready to book your trip to Mexico? Have you already been? Would you add any reasons?

14 thoughts on “8 Reasons That Make Mexico an Appealing Country to Visit

  1. Excellent and informative writing.


    1. Thank you. I put a lot of thought into it.


  2. sold! i’ve always wanted to check out mexico. now all i can think about is their food! 😉


  3. Mexico is on the top of my list! I want to go sometime next year.


  4. I may be biased too, but this post rocks! SO much yes to all of this!!


    1. yay Mexico! haha Thanks for stopping by Isa.


  5. Great post! I especially want to visit Mexico for the beaches with turquoise waters and food of course. But it might take a good few years before I can finally make it there :/ Nevertheless I am aware that Mexico is a very interesting country with friendly and laid-back people. This post helped me understand it even more.


  6. And so close if you live in North America


  7. interesting post, damn… look so forward to mexico city next month!


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