Jubilant Around The World

duke gardens durham snow10

In this day and age I feel like people need to lighten up. Everyone is looking for something to fight about. People are fed up with things and they’re choosing to argue, fight, and protest about them instead of choosing the kind, giving, forgiving, cheerful, and understanding path. We think we are doing something good by fighting for “what’s right”, but what is right? We all have absolutely completely different notions of what’s right. Who’s right? Are we really that arrogant?

If we chose instead to be accepting, undemanding, kind, and happy, the whole world would be a better place. And that brings me to the subject of this post: happy, joyful, jubilant. I’ll take you around the world with a few captures of moments that exude jubilation.

And by the way:

ju·bi·lant  /ˈjo͞obələnt/ adjective
feeling or expressing great happiness and triumph.

Traditional birthday celebration in Maharashtra, India.

A jubilant birthday celebration in Maharashtra, India.

st petersburg russia  folk dance

This Russian folklore dance performance I attended in Saint Petersburg was quite an uplifting and joyful one.

Tulips at the tulip farm in Woodburn, Oregon

Tulips are some of the most stunning flowers I’ve ever met. And visiting the tulip farm in Woodburn, Oregon definitely was a jubilant moment for me.

Prater, Vienna

Amusement parks are full of joy. You can’t go wrong by having fun at one (unless you get really sick, like I did when I visited the Tivoli Gardens amusement park in Copenhagen). This picture is at Prater in Vienna.

Cheerful women doing laundry in India

These women in India are absolutely jubilant and they’re doing one of the most mundane tasks one could ever do.. laundry by hand.


Watching Germany win a EuroCup game in Berlin was certainly a joyful and memorable moment in my travels.

Cheerful men in India

These men in India are cheerful for no reason. (You’ll find a lot of that in India, it’s great).

cityfair portland11

Don’t you love these flying swings? They used to be one of my all time favorite rides as a little girl. These particular ones were at the City Fair in Portland, Oregon.

Skiing trip with one of my best friends.

Going skiing (in Val D’Isere, France) with one of my best friends created joyful moment after joyful moment. Certainly a jubilant trip to remember.

acapulco milkshakes

Isn’t this colourful burger and shake shack so cheerful? (Acapulco, Mexico)

portland brewbike4

These people riding in the BrewCycle to and from breweries in downtown Portland, OR exuded tons of joyfulness and fun!

indian children

Jubilant children in India. Don’t need to say more.


Markets in Mexico City can be really cheerful, I mean, look at all those colourful piñatas, candy, and balloons.

abkhazi garden victoria bc8

I love gardens, they make my heart cheerful. This one in Victoria, BC, Canada is the Abkhazi Garden with an incredible love story behind it.

portland colorful houses

And aren’t these some of the most cheerful homes you’ve ever seen? Guess where? Portland, OR. They remind me of Mickey and Minnie’s homes in Disney World.

long beach 06700

That would be me, jumping from joy just because in Long Beach, Washington.

tedxportland run6

Well, someone is having a jubilant time during the 6k TEDx Night Run in Portland! A lot of people were, actually. A lot of good moods that night.

dancing india

What a blast they’re having here at a birthday celebration in India.

oregon garden christmas21

If you ask me, Christmas time is the most jubilant time of the year. Just look at all the good things happening in this photo: love is in the air with a couple’s kiss, a young child is running for no reason having the time of his life, the lights are shining and twinkling all round us, cheerful music is playing, and I’m enjoying the cold, the coziness of my clothes, and my warm gluhwein (mulled wine) drink. (At the Oregon Garden Christmas Market)


Finally, that’s me almost at the end of one of the hardest hikes of my life being happy after achieving this and knowing that I would get to eat soon. A jubilant moment for sure. (Crimson Trail in Logan Canyon, Utah.)

Which one was your favourite? What is one memorable jubilant moment in your life?

21 thoughts on “Jubilant Around The World

  1. Such a lovely, feel-good post for a Friday 🙂 Happiness really is everyone! Hope you have a great weekend!


    1. Gracias Marcella! I hope you have a wonderful weekend too.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Quite a collection of jubilation! Thanks for sharing.


      1. My pleasure. You have a gift for photographing people. 🙂


      2. Oh, well thank you for those kind words! I actually usually prefer taking photos of landscapes and architecture. So the compliment is well received, I appreciate it.


  3. Life is a joke, people need to relax. nice post 🙂


    1. Thanks for agreeing 😉 Have a wonderful weekend!


  4. Lots of jubilation here.



  5. shivanishangout May 21, 2016 — 3:29 am

    Great post ???


  6. Lovely and uplifting post! I especially love the burger shack photo in Mexico and the Christmas photo of you, the couples kissing and the beautiful lights. 🙂


    1. Glad to bring a little joy into the internet world 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  7. I think you hit the nail on the head with this one. Great post.


    1. Thanks Scott! Always a good thing to hit the nail in the head 🙂


  8. Oh!! Love It.. Definitely made me happy 🙂


  9. Very cool. Such uplifting photos make people smile instantly! Kudos!


  10. Wonderful photos for this week’s challenge. I can feel the jubilance, love, happiness and celebration of life in your photos!!


  11. A big smile is the same in every language!


  12. Ciao you really had a great fun! Amazing moments with different places. I loved that children’s gleeful expressions, India. I would love to go to visit Abkhazi garden, Canada. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful places & jubilant moments with us.


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