The Ultimate Ramen Cheat Sheet

Most of us know ramen in their convenient, quick, and tasty instant form. But the ramen culture has been intensifying since the 1950s. In Japan, they even have a term: “ramen otaku” for those who dedicate time, document, and blog about their ramen experiences. If you want to make your own, below you’ll find everything you need to know. 

Ramen is loved across the world and it could be because of its satisfying slurp and the only way to eat them, or the combination of flavours and wide-range of preparation. Whether you still eat thin noodles prepared in the microwave or have joined the many people who enjoy them at professional restaurant establishments, you may not know that there’s a wide variety of options available for you to even try at home.

The helpful visual cheat sheet below takes you through the selection of different aromatics, veggies, and soup bases with a simple and quick step-by-step preparation guide. Ramen is a great way to get your exotic cooking on, and impress family members or simply enjoy by yourself this tasty, healthy bowl of noodles by the TV.

The best part about this dish is the endless combination of possibilities. You can make your own creation by picking the noodles, the soup base, the protein, the veggies, the aromatics and the garnish. For inspiration and guidance, check out the graphic below.

The Ultimate Ramen Cheat Sheet

Graphic courtesy of CashNetUSA

Have you joined the ramen culture yet?

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