Capture Your Imagination With These Incredible Landscapes

Vermilion Cliffs National Monument, Arizona (Photo by Bureau of Land Management)

If you’re looking for something beautiful, amazing, breathtaking, or inspiring, our little planet provides, some of the most incredible landscapes in the world have offered travelers and vacationers their favorite photographs. But instead of just looking at a picture, why not get out there and make the most of what Earth can offer.

Yellowstone National Park will never disappoint any visitor. This is the home of some of the most awe-inspiring natural sights you will ever see. People come from around the globe to see the hot springs and Old Faithful Geyser. But it is the Grand Prismatic that leaves jaws on the floor. The colors offered by this spring seem to touch everyone who sees it. A full rainbow of vibrant tones looks amazing in all photos.

If you’ve never been to the Grand Prismatic or the rest of Yellowstone, it is worth the journey. You could hike a trail from the nearby campsite. There are many benefits of an American RV if you’re driving here. The park can be very remote and isolated in places. Having somewhere warm and comfortable to spend the night can be very beneficial when you’re with your family! Best of all, it provides you access to some of the best parts of the region.

Grand Prismatic Photo by James St. John

Coyote Buttes is an amazing natural rock sculpture that is contoured in a breathtaking way. The colors of this canyon are also vibrant and startling. This one is not easily accessible, but the hard work of the hike here will definitely be worth it when you see the sandstone. A reasonable degree of fitness and some clever vacation preparation will make this journey even more enjoyable.

Coyote Buttes South, Vermilion Cliffs National Monument, Arizona (Photo by John Fowler)

Too many people write off Niagara Falls as a big tourist trap. Sure, it’s pretty busy over the holidays, and you’re going to struggle to get a great stranger-free shot. But there are more things to do here above and below the falls than you think. And the sound and force of the water is something you simply have to experience. Low light shots can be quite rewarding to wait for if you’re a seasoned photographer too.

Niagara Falls by Artur Staszewski

Alaska has a timeless beauty that can seem incredibly surreal at times. One of the most amazing beauty spots you could visit is the Mendenhall Glacier Caves. The curves and colors make this place almost mystical. It will certainly capture your imagination and your heart to visit them.

Mendenhall Glacier Caves (Photo by Joseph)

There are landscapes that are written about, having captured the author’s imagination. You might think of the British patchwork of country fields or the tulip fields near Amsterdam. But you don’t need to go to Europe to see such stunning cultivation of the land. The Skagit Valley Tulip Fields in Washington State set against a backdrop of purple sky provides enough color wonderment for anyone.

Skagit Valley tulip fields (Photo by DeniseAnnMarie)

Our natural surroundings can offer relaxation, awe, inspiration, and surprise. It can open up your imagination to endless possibilities. Best of all, they can all be captured on camera to be shared with your friends. What will you see today?

5 thoughts on “Capture Your Imagination With These Incredible Landscapes

  1. Yay first comment! Wow, great picture!


  2. I actually haven’t had the opportunity to visit much of any US national parks. But I’d surely like to do so with my best friend as well. 🙂

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  3. Beautiful choices, Mani…


    1. Good to hear from you James! I shall come over…

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      1. Oh wonderful! You popped into my mind earlier. I’m glad to see you are still journeying toward the beauty in Life.


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