Weekly Small Pleasures #97

moab road utah

This week was HECTIC. Unfortunately, I can’t say much about it because the blog post about it is coming tomorrow but it involved a big move. The whole week consisted of it and it kinda didn’t include many pleasures, let’s see what I can think of…

1. Well, the move went well. I mean, nothing bad happened (besides a couple bad sleep nights and some body soreness), so that’s good.

2. Our cat Vincent did great during the move. This was very nice because it was one of my biggest worries.

3. Good music. I was able to enjoy some of my favourite music (including Mumford & Sons and Frank Turner) on the road, making it a million times more pleasurable and it allowed me to pass time.

4. Amazing views on the road. We drove for many miles on this move and we drove by some amazing landscapes. Hence, the photo at the top.

5. Found an amazing burger place. I was craving a burger and we found the perfect place. Affordable, delicious, and with quality ingredients. A pleasure for sure.

Hmm.. that’s pretty much it. I hope your week was less hectic and you have a great upcoming one.

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Weekly Small Pleasures – Blog Event

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13 thoughts on “Weekly Small Pleasures #97

  1. Hey Mani, did you say goodbye to anyone? 🙂


    1. Sorry to say Alison, I did not. I think I may have if the suggestion and advice had come sooner, I posted that post very fews days before the big move, so it was all around busy and hectic.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. hahah you’re funny. You made “greasy, nasty, fast food…” sound good, I kinda want one too haha. And funny we were both craving burgers too. I’ve never had In-N-Out but I know they have like a cult following haha.


    1. Oh! Well you’ll have to let me know if the obsession is deserved. 🙂


  3. Hi Oh good luck with the rest of the move! Hugs. Here are my small pleasures this week. https://basia329.wordpress.com/2016/08/29/this-weeks-small-pleasures-episode-22/


    1. Thank you! I’ll come over to check yours out 🙂


  4. That view is indeed spectacular! Good luck with the rest of the move and the new home. 🙂


  5. So glad Vincent did well on the move! I was wondering how he coped with such a long journey! Amazing views you’ve had.


    1. Yeah! He did surprisingly well! He didn’t eat the whole time, but he didn’t freak out, or yell/cry out much at all. He was pretty calm. It was great.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Amazing! He must be happy being a nomadic cat 🙂


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