The World’s Strangest Tourist Attractions

If you are a traveler tired of the same old and typical tourist attractions and you are looking for something more unique, you will surely find it if you head to places like Sedlec, Czech Republic; Ivrea, Italy; or Hakone, Japan where you can swim in your favourite beverage including wine, green tea, and sake. 

Intrigued? Check out the infographic below to learn more about bizarre places to visit around the world.

Infographic courtesy of Citybase Apartments

Which of these would you most want to visit?

5 thoughts on “The World’s Strangest Tourist Attractions

  1. I’m wondering if there is someone take a chance to drink the wine in the pool of Yunessun Resort 😀


    1. Haha, that’d be gross. I’m sure someone has tried it.

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      1. Haha, I think so 😀


  2. Haha totally weird. Like who decided to build that and why? Reminds me of a place I used to love at an amusement park in Mexico City when I was like 9 or 10, there was this place called “la casa del tio chueco” where everything inside was crooked and I remember this one chair being balanced by just two of its legs cause the floor was so tilted and you were able to sit on it like that too. I thought it was the coolest thing.


    1. Oh! haha, I didn’t know it was such a big thing.. I guess it was for our generation. And yeah, I’m pretty sure it was in Divertido. And I think it was also in Divertido or Six Flags where they had this like completely enclosed and dark and layered labyrith where you would crawl inside and it was pitch black and you had to find your way out through these short and narrow passaegways by simply feeling with your hands and there were spots where you had to climb up and some you had to jump down, and the last thing was a slide out into the light. It was the funnest thing ever for me, complete adrenaline high, I loved being the leader of my friends calling out whatever was next to do. Of course it was super scary for some, not 10 year old me though 😉 haha


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