Weekly Small Pleasures #98

austin texas me street art

I sometimes go through the week and jot down some of the small pleasures after I live through them to remember. This week I had absolutely nothing up until yesterday. Not because it was a bad week necessarily (not the best) but it was pretty uneventful at least for me, because until we move into our apartment at the end of the month, I’m stuck here at the Airbnb Monday through Friday, without a car and a bad location for public transportation. And I can’t go on spending money either until we move out and settle, so in any case, I stay put, work on my computer all day and smell fresh [humid] air until the weekend comes and Josh is off work.  

Yesterday we explored Austin for the first time so all the small pleasures of the week came from that.

We went to a very cool German place with a beer garden and a bake shop. They also had the perfect cocktail I needed in that moment after a stressful morning (gin, lime, and cucumber, on the rocks).

austin texas german

people watched a ton, it’s so fun doing that here.

We went to a French bakery (which I’m a sucker for) and ordered two very non-french things for some reason: a brownie and a Vietnamese iced coffee. They were both really good, though.

We also drove to the one grocery store that carries my favourite peanut butter and didn’t realize it was my favorite until this week when I tried a different kind. I also didn’t realize peanut butters could taste SO different, even when the ingredients in both is just peanuts.

We went to the movies too. I love going to the movies especially to cool/weird theaters, which we did.

austin texas alamo cinemaaustin texas alamo cinema1

I guess another pleasure was getting our car back from the mechanic. Even though it ended up being pretty expensive, which is not a pleasure at all.. it was still good to have it back after two days.

Honestly, I can’t wait to get this transition period over. Move into an apt, settle down, and finally start finding the things I need like a gym nearby, start decorating the apt, start feeling like I actually live here. It’s still a bit surreal.

Oh, how could I forget.. another small pleasure definitely was getting the apartment I wanted. The location is just perfect.

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Weekly Small Pleasures – Blog Event

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I find that the small things that make us happy every day are easily forgotten.

This blog event is simply about remembering and sharing those small things that made you happy during the week; things that made you smile, made you laugh, made you do a happy dance, made your heart smile…

You can share in any format you like. For people to find your post, tag your post “Weekly Small Pleasures” and link to my most recent post for a pingback! You can also just share in the comments.

Read the full details, and see previous posts.

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1 thought on “Weekly Small Pleasures #98

  1. Sounds like you are beginning to settle in and find your favourite things. All the best!


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