Mirrors Around The World

london moon

As you can see in the reflection of London on the Thames River above, we’re not talking about literal mirrors only here today. We’re talking about mirror reflections. Why are reflection photos so cool? Is it just me? I really like them. And apparently, I like taking photos of them too, even if they’re not that good.

Below is a series of mirror reflections I’ve captured around the world, from lakes, rivers, boiling tea, and from actual mirrors, check them out.

chai black tea

Window reflects on the black tea while I make chai in India.


Reflections on an airplane engine. At the Museum of Flight in Seattle, WA.

Vienna, Austria

Fountain reflections in Vienna, Austria.

shoe repair mexico bw

Shoe cobbler reflections on the mirror while he works in Mexico City.

A perfect spot to enjoy a beer and people-watch.

Night lights reflections at this perfect spot to enjoy a beer and people-watch in Budapest, Hungary.

In front of the Soumaya Museum

Building reflections next to the Soumaya Museum in Mexico City.

duke gardens durham snow3

Winter lake reflections at the Duke Gardens in Durham, North Carolina.

A room inside the Hermitage, Russia

A mirror inside a royal room in the Hermitage, Saint Petersburg, Russia.

london night1

More London reflections on the Thames.

portland barbershop9

A very reflective barbershop seat in Portland, Oregon. (I was just waiting, I did not need barbershop services haha.) And of course I took photos to pass time.

moon night new hampshire laconia

Nothing but the moon and its reflection in Laconia, New Hampshire.

chapultepec castle mexico city

Mirror photo at the Chapultepec Castle, Mexico City.

rickshaw india mirror

Mini mirror reflection in a rickshaw in India.


There’s no mirrors or reflections in the photo above, but the lake is called Mirror Lake, in Oregon, so I had to include it.

india2015 bus

And a final mirror photo on the bus in India, can you see me taking the photo?

Which one was your favourite?

5 thoughts on “Mirrors Around The World

  1. Such a great selection! I love the tea photo best 🙂


  2. Lovely captures for the challenge.


  3. Love the photos and the concept! My favorite is the first one from London.. so cozy. 🙂


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