Which Country Fits Your Manners?


The idea of travelling and living abroad is no longer a once in a lifetime experience, young travellers are spending time in foreign countries more than ever; everyone wants to be a location independent, a digital nomad. You might even begin to feel like an outsider in your own native country, getting accustomed to new habits from traveling internationally. But you may also be taken aback for the ways of some other cultures. 

In this blend of cultures and travel era, which country do your manners fit the most in? Do you give tips? Does it depend on the service? Do you like arriving late or early to parties? Do you greet people with a kiss, a handshake or a solemn bow? Are you more laid back or more professional in a business environment? The last one is one big difference between the similar cultures of the UK and Australia.

Find out where in the world your manners fit the best with the visual flowchart below.

What Country Fits Your Manners? [Flow Chart] by Expedia.com

So, which country did you get?

7 thoughts on “Which Country Fits Your Manners?

  1. This was some thing different!!
    I enjoyed it……


      1. I got India…..And I am proud to be an Indian….What do you think about India?
        And which country are you from?…


      2. I like India. I have been there many times and I’ve had some of the best times of my life there. Of course, like any other country it also has some flaws. I’m from Mexico, but it wasn’t an option in the flowchart. I got Belgium.

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  2. Fun flowchart, Mani! I got India. I am from Nepal, but culturally we’re similar to India so no surprise there! 🙂


  3. I can see that. Since you’re a guy you don’t greet all your friends with a kiss. At least I don’t think you do, haha.


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