Weekly Small Pleasures #105


This week was hectic and it was exhausting. I had to make a million phone calls, which stress me out, I had to drive around a ton running errands and going to appointments, which also gives me tension (the driving part), I had to go to the dentist THREE days in a row, I began physical therapy for a hip labral tear which I’ve had for three years and just found out about it (yes it hurts, but I thought I just had hip problems and accepted it was normal for me to be in pain or discomfort), I didn’t sleep well for half of the week, AND our A/C broke (it’s fixed now). So, yeah kinda rough week for me, but I managed to enjoy a few moments from it, read about them below:

1. London Fog latte and madeleines. ‘Nuff said.

2. Aerial class. Even though I was really tired when I had to go to my class, I still enjoyed it, it’s quite fun.

aerial-silks-me aerial-silks-me1

3. Music. Music was the sweet icing of my hectic days. Every time I got a chance to just play my music while I had my breakfast or did some house chores, it made me happy. Such a mood booster.  Here are two songs:

4. Damn good English Breakfast Tea. I splurged at the store and bought me a fancier brand of tea and it was so worth it. It wasn’t even that much more, but I’m usually more frugal.

5. Kitty massage. Last morning I was lying on my stomach. I don’t usually lie like that, and our cat Vincent decided to come walk all over me, which some might find annoying, especially if you’re sleeping, but to me it felt like a massage, he’s at least 10 pounds heavy, and it felt good. And eventually, he just lied down on top and “snuggled” with me.


6. Cool little store find. Yesterday we stopped by some small independent grocery and convenience store called Thom’s Market to buy wine, and it was so cool. Totally my style. They sell all kinds of locally sourced, domestic and imported food and drink items with an excellent selection of affordable wine. I was transported to Portland, which as of right now, is my favourite city in the US.

Check out this article I just came across about an engineer and Google employee explaining how he trained his mind with a simple trick to find joy in life and be a happier person overall, it’s totally relevant to these weekly small pleasure posts! I’m onto something here.

Have a great week!

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Small Pleasures #105

  1. Sounds like a tough week – but a kitty massage is also an awesome way to recover 🙂


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