5 Best Things To Do To Take Care of the Earth

Being a traveller, what pains me most is to see various places I’ve visited before, completely change, because of the ever-increasing pollution. Plastic bags lying here and there. People buying food and throwing away the wrappers wherever they can, often from the car windows. It is not like they do not know how harmful plastic is to the environment. They just don’t care and don’t make an effort to take care of the Earth and the environment.

Inspired by the recent World Environment Day, here are some simple oaths and resolutions to commit to help the Earth and the environment around us. Some of these things are very simple to do and can be very rewarding.

5 Best Things To Do To Take Care of the Earth

Not throw plastic and other waste anywhere other than waste-bins


Even the Everest is getting polluted by waste left by hiking groups. At this rate, there won’t even be one place in the entire world, free from ground pollution. As a traveller, you can make sure that you do not dump wrappers and packets anywhere other than in the designated bins.

And if you see someone doing otherwise in front of you, you could ask them politely at the very least. If we tried doing our bit to take care of the Earth, and taught a few to do their bit as well, maybe we could actually bring about a movement? A change?

Always use public transport when going on a trip

Public transportation

Booking a car all for yourself has nothing wrong with it, other than the fact, that you are increasing the amount of carbon dioxide by quite a bit. This is easily avoided by taking a bus or the metro.

Redbus Offers and Mybustickets Coupons will get you bus rides all over India at the lowest prices. You even get to choose your seat (like you do in a movie hall). In this manner, you will not only be able to lessen air pollution, but you might meet interesting people and fellow travellers. Plus, you’ll reduce the pocket pinch by a considerable amount.


Reuse-reduce-recycle. The best example of recycling I know, is a man who used to go from door to door asking for used paper and plastic. You could try to gather all your plastic waste during a trip, and before returning, give it to the local recycling man, or newspaper collector. Such an act might seem small, but the more we recycle, the less new waste is produced.

Recycle Reuse

Save Water

While travelling, in many places we see that water is scarce and precious. Just because your hometown doesn’t have this problem, or because you’re not in your hometown does it mean that you can misuse water. Be conscious about it and save it. You’ll be helping the locals, fellow travellers, and the environment.

“When the last tree is cut down, the last fish eaten and the last stream poisoned, you will realize that you cannot eat money.”

Plant a tree, wherever you go


While this might not be always possible or feasible and might seem outrageous to some, try maybe? Another great way to take care of the Earth – plant a tree wherever you go, leave behind a legacy. Maybe people will call you a legend, like the man in India who singlehandedly planted a forest bigger than Central Park. Maybe, they won’t call you a legend, but in your heart, you will humbly remember what you have done for Mother Earth.

Author Bio – This is Amit Rajawat, One passionate traveller, foodie and in deep love of blogging..I always love to explore how things goes and how some things can work with great tricks. I am writer at mytokri.com a website dedicated to deals and discounts..connect with me there

What are some other ways you take care of the Earth? 

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