15 Unique Ways to Get Around In The World

There are many more interesting and unique ways to get around in the world besides taxis, cars, and buses. When you travel abroad, your typical way of getting from point A to B, like getting an Uber, might not be available. Or maybe it is, but grabbing a taxi would not be the most economical. Trying local transportation is usually the best way to get around and immerse in the culture at the same time.

You might have heard of the auto-rickshaw, the most common way to get around in India; but have you heard of moving around on a songthaew, an amfibus, a burro taxi, or a felucca?

There’s a wide range of weird and wonderful vehicles to transport you while travelling abroad. They have varying purposes as well. Some can get you across water, some can get you to remote villages, and some are purposely for taking tourists around a new city. Riding some of these might end up being quite a fun experience.

For example, the Amfibus, is just that, an amphibious bus that can take you both on the road, or across the river. You can find it in some European cities with rivers like Amsterdam and Liverpool.

If you enjoy sailing the waters, the Felucca in Egypt is a traditional sailboat that has been around for thousands of years. They’re made of wood and rely entirely on breeze and wind.

In Germany, the Wuppertal is a hanging monorail. Think of it as an elevated upside down train.

In Cuba, you can grab a coco-taxi. This vehicle is a two-seater three-wheeler and a lot cheaper than a regular taxi. It is named after its resemblance to a coconut shell.

And have you ever heard of an Ice Angel? These vehicles propel themselves with air fans across ice, when a lake freezes for example. They may mostly be used for rescue missions in states like Minnesota and Wisconsin.

As they say, “sometimes the journey is a better experience than the destination.”

Check out 15 Unique Ways to Get Around In The World with the infographic below:

15 Unique Ways to Get Around In The World

[15 Ways to Get Around Across the Globe Infographic by Gocompare.com]

What is the most interesting mode of transportation you have taken?

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