Weekly Small Pleasures #120

I found most of this week there wasn’t much for me to do, because I can’t actually do much. Since I am so far along my pregnancy, I find I get tired more easily of just sitting in front of the computer, or just standing (like while cooking). And somehow there just wasn’t much cleaning to do either. I attempted to get a headstart on the moving packing but one box later, I found I was hurting myself. (We moved yesterday so that was something big that happened this week.) And nowadays, by 10 am it’s already about 90 degrees out, reducing the things and time I can spend outside. Especially since I can’t drive anywhere cause hubby takes our only car to work.

And moving is always stressful. Especially the days pre-move. But with all that said, there were several small pleasures this week.

1. Baby cake and gift

Even though Josh has only been in his current job for about 5 months, on Monday they presented to him a gift and cake for our baby. It was a really good gift too, from our baby registry. Funnily, that morning I was very randomly craving cake for breakfast, and later he sent me that photo from work. He did end up bringing me some that evening. The cake was surprisingly yummy. I don’t normally associate bright colouring with good tasting cake but this one was very yummy.

2. Walks by the lake

As of yesterday, we no longer have the boardwalk by the lake in our backyard, so I enjoyed a few last walks. We do have a forest trail I’ll definitely be exploring.

3. Someone made a film like a “Mani story”

Let me explain. There are these things called “Mani stories”. They are real life stories or anecdotes that I tell. If something interesting to me happened during the day for example, I tell my husband or a friend about it. The thing about Mani stories is that at the beginning of the story, I always think that it was something interesting to tell, but by the end of it, I realize I gave too much uninteresting detail that makes what could’ve been a short: “today I accidentally dropped my keys into the recycling dumpster outside and had to go ask for help”, into a long story with additional detail in between making the story long and almost climax-less, and getting a “that’s the end of the story?” reaction. I build up to it too much. By the way, that really happened to me the other day.

I hope that made sense.

So, the other day we saw a Jim Jarmusch movie on Amazon Prime called “Paterson.” It was written like a Mani story. It was pretty linear, no action, no drama, not really any identifiable climax, much like a Mani story. And weirdly, the movie wasn’t bad. It was actually pretty enjoyable to watch. It just follows the story of the simple lives of a couple, much of which I could identify with actually, with the woman in the story. And by the end of it, Josh said that it was a Mani story movie, and I could see that.

4. Doctor Who

I finished season 9! Or series 9. It’s sad but fun to finish a season. The last episode was really good. And it’s not so sad because I’m behind and I always have another season to begin. Plus, when you finish a Doctor Who series, it means you still have the cherry on top left, the Christmas special. Which are always so good. So, I’m looking forward to watching that maybe next week or the next, and then onto series 10. And then, 11, which shall be interesting with a new woman Doctor!

Oh no! I just realized that series 10 is not available on Amazon Prime, which is where I have been watching my DW for the last year. Well it is, but not free. 😦

5. Pool time

It’s actually weird to type “pool time” as a pleasure this week. I am not a “pool time” person because I am not a hot weather or sun person. Frankly, can’t wait for fall and even winter to start, but by Thursday I was so desperate in my “what the hell am I going to do all day” feeling, that I actually ended up going to the pool in the apartment complex for the first time since we moved here about 10 months ago.

Josh actually suggested it to me via Gmail chat from work and my first thought was “are you crazy? do you even know me?”, but some moments later, it somehow started to feel like a good idea. He thought it would be good to lift some of the weight of the baby belly and my back and hips and he was right.

I actually quite enjoyed my time at the pool especially because I had it all to myself (except towards the end.) And it did feel good to feel weightlessness.

6. Hiring movers

The night before moving.

In the last 8 years, we have moved a lot. Only once before we hired movers, normally we move everything by ourselves. This time around we hired some for the second time, basically because I’m pregnant. I’m so glad though. It’s summer in Texas and we moved to a third top floor apartment. Would’ve been so tiring. And even with that tremendous help, I found myself completed exhausted by the end of the day because I was on my feet a lot, and did carry around a few things, including the cat on my shoulder (in his carrier), and then unpacked a few boxes.

It is nice though that we don’t own that much and literally started packing the night before and finished the next morning before the movers arrived at 9am.

At the new place.

Still got a lot of unpacking to do and hubby is off to NYC tomorrow for work for 4 days. It’ll be weird being alone at home. In all our years together he’s only been away for a total of 3 nights. I’m normally the one going off on trips without him :s.

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Have a great week!

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This blog event is simply about remembering and sharing those small things that made you happy during the week; things that made you smile, made you laugh, made you do a happy dance, made your heart smile…

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5 thoughts on “Weekly Small Pleasures #120

  1. Hope you get to watch Dr Who! Agree it will be interesting to have a female Dr next season.


    1. Thanks, I’ll have to make it work somehow 😉


    2. What if they did a young kid as a Doctor sometime? Idk, someone between 9 and teenage years. That would be interesting too haha!


  2. Enjoy looking after yourself and good luck with the move!


    1. Thanks so much 🙂


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