Monthly Best: September 2017

What a month! Life changing. I’m a mom now. Kinda crazy. Well, since August 24th. So, I’ve spent September adjusting to this new life, which is hard to adjust to because every week is different with a newborn. But it has been getting a bit easier over time.

I spent most of the month at home. Went out only for pediatric visits, an unexpected postpartum hospital overnight stay, one chiropractor visit, and last weekend, a grocery store visit. That’s it.

My life has consisted of sleep deprivation, trying to catch up on sleep, feeding a newborn, rocking a newborn to sleep, and only since a couple of weeks ago did I begin having a bit more time to do other things like clean, cook, and blog.

Also, the weather finally dropped to highs in the 80s F. The summer here in Austin lasted about 5 months. Way too long.

And in recent weeks, we’ve had major natural disasters attack the world. From hurricanes, massive fires, volcanoes, and earthquakes… two places dear to my heart were struck: Mexico City, my hometown, and Puerto Rico, where one side of my family is from. Both places are suffering a humanitarian crisis and could use a lot of help for a long while.

Help Mexico. 

Help Puerto Rico.

We’ve got a few months to go in the year 2017, and it’s been one of the craziest in my life with ups and downs. Curious to see how it proceeds and ends.

Anyway, here are the best posts of the month which include several resources and ideas on how to save money and make money while traveling:


Life Update - The Birth of My Baby Girl
My little baby burrito on her first day of life.

2. How To Make Money When You Travel Long-Term

3. 7 Online Jobs You Can Do For Extra Money

4. Dear Mexico City… (And An Easy Way To Help)

5. Weekly Small Pleasures #123

weekly small pleasures 123

6. Food Safety Tips for Travel – Don’t Let it Spoil Your Vacay

7. 7 Reasons Why You Should Be Cooking When Traveling

8. Experiencing the RV Life – Things You Should Know

9. How To Travel On A Budget And Make Money While Traveling

10. 7 Reasons to Visit Dordogne, France

Happy October!

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