Monthly Best: October 2017

October flew by, didn’t it? This month consisted of me trying to get a routine going and getting more efficient at being a mom. Things that were very challenging less than two months ago, come very naturally now. I’ve been trying to keep up with the blog as well, and discovering new healthy recipes that fit my new lifestyle, aka quick recipes that are healthy too. Not much to say, as I said a lot recently in my mom update post (featured below). So check out the best posts of the month:

1. 5 Freelancing Careers To Work From Anywhere

freelancing laptop coffee shop

2. Weekly Small Pleasures #125

weekly small pleasures 125

3. Life as a New Mom – 2 Month Update

4. How to Connect to a Destination More Deeply

5. How To Improve Your Photography Skills

6. Top 99 Cities Around the World For Graffiti Art

7. 3 Affordable Destinations That Will Broaden Your Horizons

8. 4 Fashionable Things to Pack for a Winter Destination

9. Weekly Small Pleasures #126

weekly small pleasures 126

Happy November!

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