Essential Items To Bring On A Trip

We all love a good trip away; and with the current world situation many of us are long awaiting the next time we can safely travel and enjoy a holiday with our family or friends. 

There’s nothing worse than getting halfway across the world and finding out you’ve forgotten the most important things on your list, and today we want to remind you of the most important things to pack every time you head abroad. 

All weather clothes 

Even if you head to the hottest part of Greece in the middle of summer; sometimes the weather doesn’t agree with your plans. Don’t allow yourself to be stuck in another country with nothing to wear when it rains because the drowned rat look really isn’t fashionable! Bring along a cag in a bag to reduce space taken in your luggage and ensure you have a comfy hoodie or two in case the nights turn cold. 

Comfortable shoes 

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Travelling will often include a lot of walking around the airport, standing in queues, and exploring your destination when you arrive. As nice as a beautiful pair of heels might look with your date night dresses, or fancy oxfords with ties, will they be comfortable enough to wear all day long in the heat?

Make sure you bring along some comfy sandals and pumps during your trip and this will ensure you always have the right footwear for any activity. You can bring a pair of heels for meals out, but unless you want a holiday marred by blisters, keep it simple! 


If you are to go anywhere for a trip away this summer sunscreen is a must. Even if you think you never burn, sunscreen protects the skin against harmful uv rays and can even prevent the risk of skin cancer. There’s nothing worse than being on holiday and not being able to enjoy the sun because your skin is red and burnt! 

A camera 

When you visit a new place, you’ll want to bring back some amazing memories and there’s no better way than a camera! You can learn some tips to take amazing photos on your phone, bring a disposable camera to get some cute Polaroids, or a long range trail camera that can allow you to capture landscape and wildlife during your stay. 


When you are packing for a trip away you’ll want to pack some of your favourite skin care and cosmetics for nights out, meals, and general day to day glow. Cosmetics can be super chunky in your luggage though, and it’s much easier to pack small containers and travel bottles for everything you need. Consider squirting some foundation into a container, grabbing a few of your favourite eye colours and keeping things simple. The less space you take up the better! 


As well as cosmetics, toiletries such as cream, shampoo, shaving foam and cleanser are essential. These can be easily bought in travel sizes however they are often more expensive this way, so to save money you are better off portioning some of it yourself. It might be worth bringing some toilet roll just in case for emergencies. 

Cables and adapters 

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In this age your worst nightmare is easily running out of battery for your phone or laptop while you are abroad. Before you go anywhere; be sure to check what type of adapter they use and buy one on amazon. Travel adapters are super cheap and will ensure that you never run out of charge when you really need it. 


Out of everything you can pack for a holiday this year, the most important item of all is documents. Don’t forget your passport, boarding pass, insurance documents, and anything else you need to get where you are going. Don’t let that heart sinking moment happen when you arrive at the airport and have to come home! To be safe; you can scan copies of all of your documents and keep them safe on your phone and this will ensure you have what you need. 

A map 

It might seem old-fashioned but when you plan a trip, it is always a good idea to research your destination and earmark places you would like to see and visit. As well as this, consider finding out where supermarkets are, where the doctors are, and other important facilities. Bring your map or create one online and be sure to keep the numbers of important facilities with you if you need them. If anyone gets caught out without food or sick on your trip, you will be able to fix the problem easily. 

What else would you consider essential?

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