Off The Beaten Track: How To See Beyond The Tourist Spots

Hello travellers! My regular readers know that exploring the world is my passion. Meeting new people, trying new foods, and seeing new places is the best thing in the world. Unfortunately, it’s very easy to find yourself visiting the same old tourist spots. You’re packed in with crowds of tourists, and you never get to see the real side of the country.

That’s why I always make it my mission to get off the beaten track. I want to see how the locals live! Let’s throw away the guidebooks, and just see what’s out there. Today, I’ll show you a few easy ways to break away from the obvious spots and find something new.

india motorcycle road

Embrace spontaneity

If you want to open yourself up to new experiences, you’ve got to throw away the itineraries. Just let the new country take you! Try to avoid planning too much on your journey. Instead, just figure things out when you get there. A new activity or place will always present itself. Follow it, and seize this new opportunity. It can be a difficult change, especially for those who love to make plans and lists! But, it’s the best way to break away from the guide books, and see what’s really out there, you won’t regret it.

A spontaneous roadtrip to Long Beach, WA resulted in great fun.
A spontaneous roadtrip to Long Beach, WA resulted in great fun.

Hit the road

I always find that the best way to see a country is by road. Even on simple (and spontaneous!) American road trips, I discovered more about this country than ever before! You’ll come across towns that are barely on the map. You’ll meet new people, and start new adventures. Why not take a big van, and sleep on the roadside? Find out more about RVs and large road vehicles, and get out on the open road! So many travellers do and love it.

The first time I saw Elk Jerky van sellers in Oregon I was surprised, a year later, it's normal to me.
The first time I saw Elk Jerky van sellers in Oregon I was surprised, a year later, it’s normal to me.

Tour groups

I know, I know. I said we’d avoid the cliche tourist trips. But, sometimes, if you pick the right tour group, you do get to see the real heart of the country. Some tour trips, for example, will take you to visit the local communities. Others will take you off road into the mountains or jungles. Try to embrace those tour groups that go beyond the traditional trips. One personal favorite kind was a bike tour which allows you to go further than walking but still stop and get to know the surroundings. 


Make friends

It’s so easy to strike up conversations and make friends on your travels. Remember, everyone else is out there just like you. They’re looking for adventure and excitement. And they’ve all got a story to tell! With a small group of friends, you’re much more likely to try something different, and head off the beaten track.

Speak to the locals

There’s no better way to find the hidden spots than asking the locals. Everyone heads to the main targets on the tourist guides. But, ask the local community, and you’ll get a whole different answer. Use this trick to find the best hidden bars and the best local food. They’ll tell you the best beaches, and towns to visit. Trust their advice!

mercado de jamaica mexico food3
Fresh grilled corn on the cob at the market in Mexico City

That’s all for now. I hope that gives you some confidence to throw your guide book away and embrace the spontaneous travel life.

6 thoughts on “Off The Beaten Track: How To See Beyond The Tourist Spots

  1. All great ideas! Though you need a spark of adventure in your heart to try these instead of the usual tourist-y stuff ?


  2. Also, rent a car! You’ll save lots of time and get so much flexibility!


  3. This is exactly how I love to travel – exploring with spontaneity and adventure. I loooove getting to see what makes the a place really tick. 🙂


  4. I couldn’t agree more! These are great tips for getting the most out of travel 🙂


  5. Love your travel tips! We do most of these things every weekend when we hit the road and explore. For the past 4 weeks we’ve been returning to Zion in search of autumn colors but that’s over for this year. I have several places in mind to explore this coming weekend which doesn’t make us totally spontaneous but we go where ever the road takes us once we get out!


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