6 Tips for Getting the Best Sleep when Traveling

Lack of sleep can ruin any trip. Whether it be from jetlag, an uncomfortable bed, or the area you’re in is just far from quiet, these all can have a major effect. Our bodies need to have around seven to nine hours asleep each night for us to function. If not, the next few days can have a major effect on how you feel or think.

When it comes to vacations, both the lack of sleep and not sleeping well are fairly common. While this may be a common occurrence for many travelers, it doesn’t have to be for you! These tips will help you out in sleeping much better when you’re traveling.

Travel to a relaxing area

Photo by Tyler Lastovich on Pexels.com

Picking somewhere calm and relaxing can have the ability to help with your slumber. Maui is the best Hawaiian island to visit for families who love the beach, and it’s such a relaxing island as well!  Just being in the right destination is going to help you a lot as the area is going to be calm and it’s mostly going to attract others who are looking for a calm place to visit rather than somewhere loud, rowdy, or looking to party.

Have a strategy

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This strategy will work far better if you’re planning to travel abroad where the time difference is big. Ideally, several days before your flight you start sleeping similar to the timezone you’re going to be in. So you’ll want to start by trying to fall asleep an hour later or earlier. But you can also try by waking up an hour later or earlier too. Just keep adding or removing an hour each day will slowly help you get into the rhythm of what the other timezone is going to be like. Having a sleep tracker may help out a lot with this method.

If your trip is short, don’t bother with having a strategy

If your trip is two nights or less, you don’t have to bother with trying to change your sleep habits. You may be better off just sticking to your current schedule.

Read reviews

Photo by Boonkong Boonpeng on Pexels.com

Before booking any hotel, read through the reviews. This includes reviews of what other bloggers have posted about a hotel, but also look through review websites. You’ll want to make sure that you’re going to feel comfortable in the room. This includes figuring out where the quiet rooms are, how the bedding is, whether or not there is heating and AC in the room, and how thin the walls and floors are. Sometimes, it’s the hotels that can truly make or break an experience.

Eat healthily

There are plenty of benefits to eating healthy, and better sleep is by far one of them. Just try your best to eat healthily when you’re traveling. This will allow you to look good and feel good during your trip. But of course, you can indulge in tasty treats too, but in moderation.

Avoid taking sleeping supplements

Sleep medication and supplements like melatonin can be helpful but at times they can be harmful too. It’s better to not take them as they can have the potential of making you feel more fatigued unless you’re really familiar to them and know your exact dose. 

Do you have other travel sleep tips you follow?

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