How To Enjoy Outdoor Living All Year Round

The nights are drawing in, and before we know it, the countdown to the holiday season will be on. Although temperatures may be starting to tumble, you don’t have to bid farewell to evenings or weekends in the outdoors. In this guide, we’ll discuss some simple ways to make the most of your outdoor space all year round. 


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In the summer months, it stays light until late at night and you can enjoy a refreshing drink or curl up with a book on the porch or deck without the need to turn lights on or carry a flashlight around.

As we move through the seasons, the sun starts to set earlier but that doesn’t mean that you have to limit the time you spend outside. Adding outdoor lights to your garden and investing in high-quality flashlights from sites like will enable you to stay outdoors for longer, avoid accidents and create a more versatile and usable yard.

There is a huge range of lighting styles available from torches and lanterns to spotlights and string lights. Browse galleries and product pages online, take inspiration from places you’ve visited, Pinterest, or gardens you’ve seen on TV and think about the kind of aesthetic and vibe you want to create. 


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For many of us, the fall and winter months bring cooler climes, which can make spending time in our gardens less appealing. If you enjoy being outside but you don’t want to contend with the cold, there are ways to keep warm in the winter. You can create cozy areas with blankets, rugs and throws or consider adding patio heaters, wall-mounted heating units or fire pits and fireplaces. 


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Most people are used to looking out of the window during the fall and winter to see rain falling or snow covering the ground. In the summer, there’s no need to take shelter if you’re spending the afternoon in the garden but adding a structure or a covered area can help you to make the space more versatile so that you can use your yard throughout the year. Unless like me, you live in hot Texas or similar, then a covered area during summer would be appreciated as well.

From chic covered patios to rustic, romantic gazebos, you can choose a style that suits the style of your home. If you love to entertain, covered kitchens and seating areas are ideal for summer barbecues and festive gatherings. It’s also worth looking into options like summer houses, garden rooms and log cabins.

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With these additions, you can enjoy the experience of being outdoors without worrying about getting cold or wet. These options can also help you free up space indoors if you need more room for storage or working from home, for example. Take a look at this page for more ideas

Summer may have come to an end, but that doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice spending time in the fresh air enjoying our gardens. As temperatures start to fall and the leaves change color, there are opportunities to get outside and make the most of your yard. Adding lighting, creating cozy, warm areas and using shelter to protect against the elements will enable you to embrace outdoor living come rain or shine. 

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