Work as You Travel! The 6 Best Jobs for Digital Nomads

First things first, what is a digital nomad? 

A person who works remotely but instead of being at home they travel the world is called a digital nomad. They connect to the internet at their accommodation or at public places so that they can complete their work tasks, send finished products of their work to their clients or to their supervisors, or join meetings. 

Does that sound like fun? Would you like to be able to combine your work and traveling? Below you will find six jobs that allow you to work and roam around the world at the same time.

Voice actor

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If you have a bit of acting experience or voice training, you can easily become a voice actor. What does that mean? You can convey the right type of emotion using only your voice. The most typical examples of jobs that voice actors do are audiobook narration, dubbing, playing characters in animation movies and video games. If this sounds like something you could do, you should add yourself to the Voices from Voquent so that you receive similar job offers. You only need to pack a high-quality microphone so that you can produce impeccable work and send your audio files to your employer digitally.


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Professional translators can work online no matter what their specialization is. Nowadays, most official and business procedures are completed online, and even in cases where physical documents are involved, scanning them and turning them into a digital form is extremely easy. Thus, it only takes a few seconds for translators to receive the files they need to translate and start working on them immediately. This is something I used to do to earn income before I had kids and turned all my focus to them.


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The person who adds subtitles in movies or on TV series and shows is called a subtitler. It is important to note that those subtitles can be either in the same language as the one being spoken in the video or in a different one. Once the subtitler gets the file that needs subtitles, all they have to do is sit down and work on their computer. 

Social Media Manager

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The responsibilities of a social media manager vary as they include the planning of a strategy, content creation, and gathering of data. The manager in this role can do all the necessary research on the competition and evaluate the success rate of the strategies implemented from anywhere as long as they have an internet connection. It is imperative that frequent meetings are held so that all the members of the social media team and the whole marketing department are on the same page. 

Video Editor

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The surge of commercial and influencer social media accounts has led to the demand for video editors. Video editing consists of taking the raw footage of a shoot and turning it into a relatively short and entertaining video that will entice and retain internet users’ attention. Having an internet connection and a good computer that can store large mp4 files and video editing programs are essential for this job.

Nowadays you don’t need a degree in video editing to achieve this. There are plenty of online classes and tutorials to help you learn the skills.

Web Designer


Nowadays, almost all businesses have a website so that they can promote their work and keep their customers up to date with their activities. A web designer is the one to create this website from scratch, to design it in a way that will keep virtual visitors engaged, and to update it whenever it is necessary.  

Which of these jobs sound the best to you?

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