How To Have A More Relaxing Vacation & Travel Experience

Traveling is a great way to see the world and explore new areas and locations. You’ll be making new memories and stepping outside your comfort zone as you go and check out different destinations.

One reason you may want to get away is so you can rest and recharge. If this is the case then you may want to know how to have a more relaxing vacation and travel experience. The following tips will help you plan a trip that’s not only fun but also enjoyable. This way you can feel refreshed when you return home instead of feeling like you need another vacation.

Know Yourself


Start by being honest with yourself and reflect on what you like and don’t like when it comes to traveling. For instance, maybe you’re someone who prefers to take a long road trip instead of getting on an airplane. You might also find it more rewarding to sit by the water or on a beach than to sightsee and go hiking out in nature.

It all depends on your interests and personality and what type of vacation you wish to have that you believe will provide the best travel experience possible. Life is busy enough, and the last thing you want is to feel overwhelmed on vacation so be sure to do what makes you happy in the end.

Choose A Peaceful Destination & the Right Accommodations

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Another way to have a more relaxing vacation and travel experience is to choose the right destination and accommodations. Be picky about where you go and stay based on what won’t be as crowded or that’s off the beaten path and more peaceful.

For example, you may prefer accommodations that deliver an upscale country lodging experience such as the Bird-in-Hand Village Inn & Suites in Lancaster County instead of visiting a big and overpopulated city. Going out east and checking out Amish country and learning more about the culture might be more intriguing and relaxing for you than a busy destination like Florida.

Stick to A Budget

If you overspend on your vacation then you may have regrets later on and feel stressed out. Instead, create a realistic budget for your trip that you can stick to. Have a more relaxing vacation and travel experience when you have funds available to use and can do all the things you want to do without feeling guilty. Overall, focus on making sure your vacation is affordable and that you account for all the possible costs that come with traveling including airfare, accommodations, transportation, and food.

Work Ahead & Unplug

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You can have a more relaxing vacation and travel experience when you work ahead at your job. Avoid bringing work tasks with you on your trip and instead, have someone cover for you while you’re away. Do your best to unplug as you travel around and only use your phone to take pictures or to make calls to check in with others.

If you must check your work email or messages then choose a specific time to do so each day and then shut down and put it away. You’ll be much happier when you spend money on a vacation and get the most out of it instead of ending up working the entire time. Unplugging from work will also help you clear your mind and reap the benefits that come from taking a break from technology.

Take Care of Yourself

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If you want to have a wonderful and relaxing vacation then take good care of yourself so you stay healthy. For instance, what you eat can impact your mood and anxiety levels. Make time for exercise to start your day off right so that you have plenty of energy for whatever you want to do.

You can also have a more gratifying travel experience when you keep a positive attitude and carry a relaxed mindset with you along the way. Therefore, consider participating in some guided meditation sessions and taking a journal with you to write in and document your feelings and emotions. You’ll do much better dealing with any surprises or unexpected travel changes this way. Also, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Go to Bed Early

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It may be tempting to want to stay up later since you’re on vacation. However, you’ll only feel worse and have less energy the next day. Instead, have a more relaxing vacation and travel experience by going to bed early and getting a good night’s sleep. Turn in at a decent hour so that you wake up feeling refreshed and well-rested and can tackle your day with a smile on your face.

It’ll be more rewarding to feel great and be full of energy when you get home from your trip instead of being drained and like you need a nap. An early bedtime will boost your mood and help you avoid becoming ill or sick or feeling worn down.

Plan A Relaxing Schedule

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You ultimately have control over your vacation schedule and itinerary. Therefore, plan it accordingly and be choosy about what you decide to partake in. Have a more relaxing trip and travel experience by forgoing a to-do list and instead just doing what you find enjoyable when you feel like it.

Make plenty of opportunities for free time and rest as well. It may be more satisfying to improvise and have some wiggle room than to have every minute of each day planned out. No matter what you end up doing, give yourself plenty of time to get from one location or activity to the next so you don’t feel rushed.


These tips will allow you to have a more relaxing vacation and travel experience overall. This way your trip will be well worth the money and your time and you’ll return home ready to get back to your normal routine. Remember to unplug as much as possible and maintain an optimistic and calming mindset to carry you through each day. While traveling can be stressful, it doesn’t have to be and you now have the information and tools you need to make it a better and more pleasurable time. 

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