How Luxury Travel Changed with the Pandemic

In a world that is slowly beginning to see the end of the pandemic, there is a strong desire to return to what we were left with before February 2020, when Covid-19 made its appearance while remaining cautious and responsible with our approach to travel.

Travel plans were shattered as the travel industry, and its future was put on hold; however, many new trends are beginning to emerge optimistically. Some of them even concern the luxury travel industry, which, as everything shows, is starting to adapt to the new reality.

Increased demand for specialization

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According to luxury travel companies Abercrombie & Kent, Carrier and Untold Story Travel, a growing number of travellers are showing interest in speciality travel, focusing more on individual needs and the desire for a clear travel purpose.

According to Skyscanner and Responsible Travel, travellers themselves are looking to fly less – as a more sustainable option – but stay longer at their destination. They see a higher demand for slow travel, where travellers visit only one place, taking the time to get acquainted with the destination and its surroundings and its culture, instead of making a fleeting visit to visit as many places as possible they can.

Remote locations and private resorts and islands in high demand

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Options for breaks in more remote locations such as French Polynesia and the Maldives are also increasing, allowing for social distance and the fresh air without taking away the sense of adventure. Private jet bookings have increased, and more private island resorts offer visitors the opportunity to go a step further by renting the entire island, with people choosing to travel exclusively on their social “bubbles”, i.e. trips made with their closed circle of friends and family.

According to recent research, more people are choosing villas instead of hotels for increased privacy, seclusion and freedom, with more travel agents and resorts catering to the needs of travellers. Also, more and more people are turning to car hire options for their travels, which gives them more flexibility and safety than public transport.

Travellers can now choose the vehicle of their choice, whether it be a luxury SUV or a small and comfortable city car for their travels. Travellers can find the vehicle that meets their needs, in companies like Enjoy Travel, at fantastic car hire prices, providing guaranteed quality of service and service.

Relaxation and wellness trips are gaining ground

The Meher Pilgrim Retreat in Meherabad India

During 2020 and until now in 2021, the travel world has re-focused on the health of body, mind and soul. Travel that focuses on self-care, relaxation and wellness is expected to be in high demand, no doubt as part of an effort to reduce the impact of lockdown while maintaining a focus on health and well-being. Fitness and moving away from digital devices are also top priorities for many travellers. Many escapes now cover the need to pursue spirituality and positive lifestyle habits, such as the practice of meditation, which many citizens around the world started during quarantine.

Learning-focused getaways and activities

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There are also more options for travellers who want to develop additional skills or hobbies they learned during the pandemic and choose new ones. Learning or activity-focused getaways extend into the luxurious world of travel, from expeditions to the Scottish Highlands to organic cooking classes in Bali, as people choose to learn through experience.

Whether it is luxury travel in the form of accommodation in private castles or renting an entire island in the Maldives, the issues of conscious travel, privacy and wellness are at the top of the list for many travellers.

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