Best Places Around the World to Discover in the Fall

Even though it’s still summer, it’s worth planning your Fall trip in advance. As the days grow shorter and darker, you’ll be yearning to get away and have an adventure during this season. Wherever you go, you should make sure you take walking tours around the area so that you can truly explore the secrets and colours it has to offer. Below, we explore some exciting destinations to discover in the Fall.

Scottish Highlands, Scotland

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Scotland makes for a wonderful natural trip any time of year, but it’s particularly enchanting in the Fall. When the leaves turn brown and fall from the trees, you’ll find yourself in a remote wonderland. Just remember that it can get extremely cold in Northern Scotland at this time of year – pack accordingly for freezing temperatures!

Rocky Mountains, Colorado

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Colorado offers some of the most picturesque sites in America. Indeed, the famous Rocky Mountain National Park offers a stunning collection of lakes, mountains, and golden foliage during the Fall. 

Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee

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The Great Smoky Mountains are a mountain range dotted along the Tennessee–North Carolina border in the south-eastern United States. They’re perfect for camping and long hikes if you settle in for a decent stay. Just be aware of the beautiful black bears in the park and treat them with caution!

Tokyo, Japan

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Tokyo becomes even more beautiful in the Fall when the leaves begin to match the colours of the iconic pagodas. And this view is only enhanced by the crisp contrast with snow-capped Mount Fuji in the background. However, the highlight of any trip to Japan could be a visit to the temples in Kyoto. These ancient shrines look magical in symphony with the Fall’s hues and are well worth making the journey for. 

Bavaria, Germany

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Bavaria is almost like a fairy tale in the Fall. With rolling hills adorned with alpine trees and storybook castles dominating the landscape, this is a truly wonderful place to relax. And there’ll be plenty of options for you to refuel with pretzels and beer.

Tuscany, Italy

Photo by Stan Swinnen on

If you fancy a comfortable trip in the rolling hills of Italy, Tuscany is the place for you. Once the Fall arrives, you’ll be able to enjoy a warm evening wine tasting. And if you fancy a city break or two during your stay, you’ll have Florence, Siena, and Pisa all nearby with their own cultural delights.

The Fall offers a wonderful array of getaways for you to choose from. And by selecting any of the destinations on the list above, you should be set to enjoy a wonderful break this Fall. 

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